By Gulaid Dalha

With the presence of SOS Sheik S.S., Noradin secures number one in the country-wide top ten while it grabs 7 positions out of the top 10 Girls in the nationwide.

Following the official announcement of Somaliland National Exams Results, Noradin S.S. has garnered most top positions in a landslide victory.

Khalid Odowa has broken the previous records and set an extraordinary record after scoring 924 out of the 1000 grade points in SLNECB exams. After hearing this, the gathered audiences applauded for the overwhelming victory of Noradin.

Unlike previous years, the school secured the highest score, leaving its rival schools including Sos behind.

The school not only grabbed four students in the country wide top ten but also highlighted the victory being the on the front line winners in the Girls Top ten country wide where 7 out of the 10 girls were from NGHS.


Short of the formal release of the jubilant news, the school’s officials held a glitzy event at the school were both parents, principals and the managing director Haji Mahad Ibrahim congratulated the students for the wonderful performance.

“It’s a wonderful day. All praise is due to God. This has come through the hard work and strive of the students, the dedication of the teachers and principals and the follow-up of the parents to their children,” says the managing director Mahad Ibrahim.

Located in Jigjiga Yar and Sha’ab villages, Noradin provides stellar education to two streamed boys secondary school and one girls high school. In relative to Somaliland schools, the school is one of the best in the region as it offers a wide range of curriculum activities and extra-curriculum subjects.