Youth Crime in Somaliland


CRIMEPeople have responsibility to obey the law if we are to deliver fairness and prosperity to all our communities.

Youth crime and anti-social behaviour is a major problem in many communities throughout world however in Somaliland youth crime such us robbery knife crime is common at night in the capital city of Hargeisa and government strategies for tackling it must be more in touch with reality. Anti-social young people often gather on the streets in Hargeisa at night seeking excitement and, aided by the latest mobile phone technology,  most of the stolen and they quickly recruit others wanting to join in and become part of an aggressive and threatening group. In some neighbourhoods innocent people are being attacked, including myself, and life is becoming intolerable for residents and ordinary people using the streets at night in Hargeisa.

During my visit in Hargeisa that one in five of the residence in Hargeisa that I interview says that disruptive and aggressive teenagers had a fairly big impact on their lives particularly at night. What do Somaliland officials have to say about this state of affairs?



Mr Liban Hussein  Criminologist and security consultant

London UK.


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