Somaliland: World Bank Mob in Cahoots with a Hargeisa Rogue Family


The multimillion dollar World Bank, Economic Growth Program (EPG) for Somaliland has yet to bear fruits except for the members of one rogue family in Hargeisa.

The Hashi family acts as the sole representatives of the world Bank in Somaliland and own the only private company, which benefits from the World Bank financed scheme. I don’t know if this is not a conflict of interest at its worst in the books of the World Bank.

A couple of years ago, the world Bank funded EPG was launched in Hargeisa, Somaliland . It was then announced that local entrepreneurs were to benefit from this program and without discrimination.

 The program was designed to ease poverty, unemployment and  to prevent Illegal migration, sea piracy and terrorism spreading among the younger generations in Somaliland.

During the launching ceremony of the project, Mr. Denis Dann from the World Bank and his colleague Mr. Najib Hasan Hashi urged local entrepreneurs to utilize  the program properly and not only for the growth of their personal businesses but for the good of the country.

Years later, we learned the EPG was not meant to be fair and was not aimed to benefit either the Somalilander businesses nor the growth of the national economy , It only benefited Mr. Dann, Mr. Najib Hashi and his two uncles, who are better known as the notorious mansoor hotel family.

 How does the scam work?

 This is how this scam works; entrepreneurs are invited to bring in their future business plans, then they are asked to pay for the plans to be made more presentable to the selection committees. That is not all, Mr. Najib Hashi (AKA Nagib) goes through the sexed-up business plans, chooses the best ones, puts the names of his relatives on them and sends them with a wink to his  cocoons and co-conspirators in the World Bank in Nairobi , Kenya.

At the end, all the EPG funds successfully go to the Hashi family and the success of the mission is credited thankfully to the genius Najib Hashi.
The poor entrepreneurs who came up with the business ideas and paid for the sexing-up of the business presentation get nothing in return. How fair is that?

 How is the EPG money spent?

The way the World Bank money is spent is a grotesque comedy. To the majority of Somalilanders the actions of Hashi family do not raise eyebrows, because and quite understandably  the Mansoor hotel family are not known to be  the Robin Hoods of Somaliland. They make sure not to take hostages, when money comes their way.

Big chunk of the ill-gotten World Bank cash is spent on the family businesses in Hargeisa , like the on going Mansoor hotel expansion , the construction of Mr. Najib Hashi’s own new luxurious hotel in Hargeisa and on the nonstop lavish political campaign parties regularly thrown by Mr. Mohamed Hashi, the uncle of Najib and brother of Mansoor hotel owner in Hargeisa.

 Mr. Mohamed Hashi’s pseudo-political conventions are frequently and regularly held in Mansoor  and even Mr. Najib’s World Bank rented office is located in his uncle’s Mansoor hotel. This is how the money that comes out of the family pockets stays in the family pockets. I mean, the cash that comes from the international taxpayers pockets ends up in Hashi family’s pockets.
I do not understand how this world Bank money, which circulates only within one family is going to benefit the growth of the national economy and alleviate poverty in Somaliland , a country with a population of almost 4 million.

 Mohamed Hashi was a former finance Minister in the Silanyo administration and after he was fired from his ministerial post, he turned into clannish activism, and prefers to emulate Mr. Sisi of Egypt. He uses the infamous “REBEL” group’s slogans to attract followers, but all the time and money spent is to no avail to work against the popular and democratically elected government in Somaliland.

 Mr. Hashi calls his “REBEL” group “Madasha wada Tashigga” which roughly translates to “the round table”, but in fact, Mr. Hashi’s political approach is far from “round table discussions” he he tries to squeeze the government into a corner to further enhance his personal plus his clan’s political and economic ambitions. Mr. Mohamed Hashi lost the respect of all Somalilanders after his followers called for the boycotting of Dahabshiil company, the most respected and the biggest employer in Somaliland and Somalia.

 I don’t think dealing with only one rogue family will win a popularity contest for the World Bank. Furthermore , the world Bank needs to seriously examine its relations with this rogue family and find out about the ways their benevolent gift to the people of Somaliland is spent.

 This vicious circle , which is made-up of World Bank mob  In Nairobi, Kenya and a Hargeisa rogue family must be broken up and not allowed to infinitely go on unchecked and with impunity.
Yassin Mohamed Dualeh


  1. How did this slip in between the fingers of the ministries of planning, foreign affairs and finance? I wonder if they are all in cahoots with that family too.

  2. These raises a fundemantal questions of how these indivuals have been stealing millions from poor people whose lives meant to lifted from poverty. Who oversees and accounfable for thus blunder- is Saad also party of these gangs why was not he noticed this as this is much bigger than something that can be easily ignored or slipped through the net

  3. Bravo! Najib is a crook and has been a crook all the time. I lost faith with the World Bank and the program it runs a long time ago. The people who are supposed to sass up the concept notes applicants submit are all related to the Hashi family and the subclan they belong to. The employees, too. And, for Mohamed Hashi, he has been proven time and again that he is the most corrupt finance minister Somaliland would ever see, and a self-crowned narcissist who only sees his reflection wherever he goes. His brother, Abdulkadir, in place of running a good business in Maansoor, is fond of standing in front of TV cameras stammering about the greatness of his clan: clan built this, clan paid for this… Both are involved in encouraging the Berbera louts to use the Subeer Awal name on their behalf. That is why Maansoor is losing business.

  4. I’m surprised this author has just waken-up from a deep sleep! Every Somalilander new this Hashi family conspiracy for more than a decade. Mohamed Hashi was fired from the cabinet after only hiring his kinsmen, giving contracts only to his son-in-law and trying to intimidate his fellow cabinet ministers, a tactic he used with president Riyaale, but also ended in disaster.

    The beloved great son Nagib is another crook like his uncles. He steals food from the mouths of the poverty-ridden Somalilanders.

    If I were president Silanyo I would have fired the ministers of planning, foreign affairs and finance, because they are all crooks and are in bed with this Hashi family.

  5. The Hashi famil are known thugs who will use any means necessory to steal any pillage our country. The old man Mohamed Hashi uses his microphone to insult the government of SL, yet he and his brothers recieves at least 20-30% of the goverment budget ends up in thier pocket. How do they do it, Mansoor’s biggest clients is the SL goverment, their printing shop monoploize all goverment contracts. The biggest irony is they insut the government on a daily bases while they are the biggest recpient of all govt contracts. Mohamed Hash told his audience no too long ago, “let subeer awl take the govt by force becuase the president is not fit to govern”. This family are the most corrupt in all of SL, they will use their clanish ideas to further their interest. They will do anything to make money, when Mohd Hashi was Mayor of Hargeisa he ear marked thusands of houses to be demolished while he gave his brother the Mansoor land for free including water supply and electricity from the govt. These are the Hashi family and more, we can write a book about htis family but we don’t have the space to include their misbehaviors.

  6. All the cockroaches males and females are coming out of the sewers to attack this well known righteous family. This is because of their sick hearts. Die with your sick and dirty hearts cockroaches. None of you knows nothing about Hashi or their family, since none of you belong to Hargeisa. Before you open you sewers and stinks check this family’s back round first and you’ll find that they were always rich and that they did not get rich with afwayne or his small representatives in Hargeisa like siilaanyo, warancade afcade sancade.
    Talking about government ha? You must be fucking joking ha? No matter how much you hate them, you can’t do nothing about it, so we let the small dogs yap always.

    • Calm down Mr. Mohamed Hashi,try to rebuttal the facts with facts and stop using these irrational and demeaning language. No need to make Mafia type threats and insults to proof your innocence.

      Now, tell us where is the world Bank money? How much was the government contract you gave to your son from your wife’s previous marriage was worth? And why do think only Hargeisa residents are entitled to have knowledge and intelligence? You are over seventy years-old now, when will you grow-up and learn to act responsibly?

      • Asha
        you asked:
        “why do you think only Hargeisa residents are entitled to have knowledge and intelligence? ”

        I answer:
        Because it is God given gift, what can you do about it
        waa hibo ilaah siiyey, yaa ka qaadi karaa

        Stupid article plus stupid comments, only deserve stupid answer
        When you guys show some honesty and intelligent then I will be back with in-kind

        • Nasir,

          Alright, so you think of all people God has only chosen those from Hargeisa. What about all the Nobel Prize Winners from all over the world, do you think they are too from Hargeisa? You must an ignorant fool.

          • Elmi, only the original Hargeisa inhabitant (AKA Hashi family) has the honesty and nobility. Do you know why. Because they do not need the government money. They have more money than the government itself. Old money, not new found wealth like the Dahabshil and like

          • OK then, we thankfully need them to pay back what they misappropriated from the World Bank Fund and keep the rest.

            Why are you guys obsessed with Dahabshiil? He has nothing to do either with the government or the money in discussion. Is that how you try to avoid legitimate questions?

          • Ask the author, why he injected Dahabshiil in this discussion?

            About the World bank I will in-light you up there so every one can see the truth for themselves

      • Calm down Ms, Asha. Mr. Mohamed Hashi again? and mafia like threats? This shows that you people are not honest and have no problems scattering lies here and there just to tarnish the image of the great people in Somaliland. My wife and my previous marriage? are you not my wife too Asha? What happened to you woman? you developed a memeory loss since i left for abroad? Seventy years old Aisha? How was i in my seventy years old? Was i not good ha? How good will i be you think if i grow older than this ha? You know what i meant of course. Sorry i didn’t ask you about my brother in laws. How are they all doing? Long time no see. This only proves the contents of my previous article that has driven you all nuts. Come off it and act responsibly rather than scattering lies here and there!

    • afwayne or his small representatives in Hargeisa like siilaanyo, warancade afcade sancade

      hahahahahahahahahahahahah that was funny man

      Another dude down there said Mohamed Hashi gave the Maansoor Hotel land to his brother, how funny is that?

      Well, The Hashi family setteled and brought Hargeisa into existence when the siilaanyo, warancade, afcade, and sancade roaming after their camels aimlessly in badiye

      Again I would say what I said to Asha down there

      Stupid article plus stupid comments, only deserve stupid answers
      When you guys show some honesty and intelligent then I will be back with in-kind

      • Hahahahahahahahahaha! honest and intelligence ha? all that’s written and said is not intelligence in your eyes? Then remember the sentence that says, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I will not use an abusive language like you, but why lie? Wasn’t afcade sancade small afwayne shoe polisher? Are you proud of him now? That’s the difference between you and me, because among even the same family, you find us distinguished, so our bad and good don’t mix. But it seems that you pals don’t bother so long as you are gaining something behind them. You’re writing stupid articles that shouldn’t be credited with answers, since you’re falsely claiming that Hashi Family came into being with siilaany and sancade time and that shows your lack of knowledge of the real Hargeisan families. I can even safely say, that you do not belong to Hargeisa, so why don’t you ask a real Hargeisan about the Hargeisan families? Or maybe you don’t even want to know the truth since you are enjoying your corruption? Is corruption delicious that’s what you have to write some articles about. That’s what you know better, corruption and lies.

        • Mohamed Hashi,
          Stop all this Hargeisa buhaaaha and don’t try to be catholic than the pope. Do you really want to talk about your origins, do you , do you? Alright let me see you claim Hargeisa and I will say as I said before “reerka ayaa laysugu imanayaa” we can’t let you tarnish our name and hide behind our noble name!

  7. Mohamed, no body is arguing about the wealth of Hashi family, the argument is about how you made your wealth.
    Are you denying that Nagib is not your nephew?
    Or he doesn’t work for the World Bank?
    Or perhaps he has no association with EPG at all?
    How do you pay for your extravagant and lavish political parties?
    Can that be from the monies you misappropriated while you were the mayor of Hargeisa or the minister of finance?
    Or could it come from the EPG World bank fund.

    I’m glad you are speaking the language of Qadaffi, the late Libyan dictator, cockroaches ha? That means you came to the end of your corrupt life.

    • Warsame, this crap of yours written in response to my truth revealing article shows how sick heart and envious you’re. Talking about my wealth, are you mad? No, you’re not only mad dog, you are really a big liar, because i am not a politician first, only your envy blinded you. I am not even a wealthy man or related to Hashi’s in any way. No shame warsama ha? Your lavish and extravagant political parties and misappropriated money while i was a mayor ha? You made me only laugh really? What’s all this about ha? you’re too weak to behave like a real man and work hard to get to where they got ah ahahahahahaaa! You only see whatever small bread that is earned by others with sweat and hard work? Now that i talked about myself enough, let me ask you back the same questions, are you denying that you are one of those who used steal our shoes when we go to Hargeisa Mosques for prayer and when they got caught used to sob and shake like small girl? Are you not from those liars who claim to be real Ishaqis and when the going gets tough exchange girls for peace and temporary security. I knew Hashi back in early 80’s in the wilderness in Jihad days and we all paid our blood for you to live honorably and here you are attacking us with no proof at all. Ha Gaddafi you said? You’re in even worse situation today, since you’re living in the corruption you mentioned. Enjoy your ill gotten bread, we’re not even going to look at at you. We don’t even want to share you the same air, we wouldn’t even touch you wrapped in a plastic. You wish to become like Hashi’s ha? Tell me the truth, why deny it? But hang on, we’re coming to change all this and hopefully soon. We reinstate the legal system and charge all faqash ka hadh for the crimes they committed against the nation and Somaliland.

  8. Ahmed

    You all seem to be joking; Hashi’s are only doing their best as to them corruption and blunder, clanism and …and …you name it, are a righteous duty they should perform expecting reward from God. May God help the poor orphans and widows who suffer through and through Hashi’s deeds. AMEN.

    • Are sure you are telling the truth ha and not lying to God. You sound like ogaden people who sell the Quran for worldly gains pal, so suffer for your deeds AMEN AMEN AMEN. Take it all on your back.

  9. I watch Mr. Abdulkadir Hashi on HCTV claiming that his clan has done and achieved what only a government could achieve, which is building Dawga Cad road. What Mr. Hashi didn’t realise was that all Somalilanders from East to West and The Somaliland government have contributed and paid donations and in the sprit of national cohesion, although, the new that there are far more important projects than a road that leads to nowhere.

    At least he should have the honesty and modesty to give tribute to all Somalilanders instead of being proud of his clan giving all the credit to them. Now I realised where this gentleman was coming from and I thank the author for enlightening us.

  10. You totally lost me when you start changing gear to politics. Yes, Hashi family has the mandate to handle the World BanK project, I don’t how, the circumstances or the reasons why they were chosen to manage the process of the fund, but they do.

    I also don’t know if there is anyone that has proof showing they have stolen or are fleecing the fund. But it is questionable to have the authority to single handedly manage funds that are intended for all Somalilanders. It is also obvious, after all these years, the fund hasn’t made any feasible transformation of the Somaliland economy. The Project may have given some people an opportunity to make their dreams come reality but it is not noticeable in Somaliland.

    Whatever the reason, I disagree the writer of the article to mix two things; how the World Bank money is managed, and the political view of Mr. Mohamed Hashi. You would sound reasonable and win more people that agree with you such as myself if you separate the two issues.

    You would soung more credible if you stick to the money issue and don;t sound like Silanyo machine’s mouth piece!.

  11. Ahmed
    Nasir, no question about who gives knowledge or intelligence, true God gives both to whoever he wants. The question that needs an answer is about the illicit relationship between the Hashi’s and the world bank. Come back to the topic Mr. Nasir !

    • Nasir, no question about who gives knowledge or intelligence, true God gives both to whoever he wants

      Thanks Ahmed, you are right, and God has given us the original inhabitant of Hargeisa with both

      Thank you for telling the truth!!

      • Nasir,
        You’re just ignorant that is all. Can you talk about World Bank money now? Because that is the subject of this discussion.

  12. The author may not know about the hospital beds that were contracted to Mohamed Hashi’s wife , when Mohamed Hashi was the minister of finance. To date no news were that money went.

    • If we assume you are telling the truth Khadija BugBug about the hospital beds contract, who was responsible for that? Hashi or your siilanyo who is nominal leader?

          • Nasir,

            Your response supports the author’s argument of corruption and nepotism. Well done!

            I don’t think the rest of the family will be happy with your comments.

          • What family are u talking about?

            I do not represent no one. I speak my mind here

            I said it earlier. Stupid answers deserve stupid responses

            That is all

  13. Here are the facts for those readers who really want the truth:

    Invoking the Hashi family here is silly and stupid at once!! Because the family has nothing to do with the World Bank, and dragging the whole Hashi family in this, just shows how sick the author of this crab is

    The only Hashi family member who is working for the World Bank is Mr Nagiib who got the job based on his merit, education and intelligence. If you envy him for his success, then that is your problem. Maanshaallah the Hashi family are all successful in their respective careers, whether it is business, NGOs or politics. ilaahay ha u siyaadiyo Aamiin. No one can take a nickel from that

    Now coming to the topic of the World Bank

    I invite you to read this

    “A Grants Advisory Panel (GAP), comprising 5 Ministers, representing different regions within Somaliland, one academic institution and two well-established NGOs, reviewed all of the projects shortlisted for a grant by the Fund Management Unit (FMU).”

    See this link

    The Silanyo Government has 5 ministers to assure the transparency of the process and the buck stops with them because the “Grants Advisory Panel” has the final say. If this governmental body failed to fulfill it is duties, then the author of this crab needs to blame the popular democratically elected government of Somaliland, using his own word, for allowing this to happen. Because that is an utter failure of competence!!



    • Thank you Nasir, but could you please name the 5 ministers, the educational institution and the NGO involved in this program? So we can get to the bottom this and then put it to rest.

      • I remember Sacad Shire, the minister of planning, the minister of livestock, the minister of fisheries, the president of golis university and two NGOs heads

        • @ Nasir,
          Isn’t it fair to say that you don’t know much about this project since you could only name Mr. Saad Ali Shire, the Minister of planning and Dr. Saeed Mohamed Hassan as board members. BTW, both Dr. Saad and Dr. Saeed the only two names you could remember are from your clan. Please, let us know if you get more information about this project.

    • @Nasir,
      I gather from your comment that something went wrong with the project and you put the blame on the President, because some government ministers are involved. Let us find out the whole fact, that is all.

      • I did not say something has gone wrong. The author of this crap is the one who is saying so. I am saying if something has gone wrong then the blame is squarely on the government who supposed to provide the oversight that is their duties

    • As for political success of Hashi family if i am not mistaken Mohamed Hashi was expelled by President Egal Alahyrxamo,, president Reyal also arrested him and president Ahmed Mahamoud Siilanyo expelled him. Mohamamed Hashi also achieved almost one Vote when he stood for presidential election, if that is a political success let me know what name you give to a failure! Saeed who built his fathers hotel was fired by the father and from what i know he was working for an a internation NGO as a sales person. the rest goes with out saying after all they are our people and I do not want to say more. conclusion it is mohamed Hashi brand who is jeoilous about the successes of other people and always aims to wrack the boot if can not drive. Mansoor hotel is notting more then public coffee shop that kept steeling other peopls ideas. Thoes who are in a glass should not through stones. Real success is Dahibsheel his profits are transparent from day one.

      • For you info the fruits of Mohamed Hashi’s political Success is the freedom we all enjoy today in Somaliland. Mohamed was one of the few Founders of SNM, an honor non of the guys you mentioned can claim. Not Egal nor Riyal and of course not Silanyo.

        They all fired him because he refused to be a mere puppet for them. Every body in Hargeisa knows Mohamed’s honesty and integrity. He famously destroyed and removed his close family houses to widen and have proper roads in the capital city.

        As for Maansoor coffee shop, well I will be more than happy if I can have that kind of a coffee shop, hahahahh

        • To be truthful, Mr. Hashi happened in the same room with those guys and caused more harm to the SNM and now to Somaliland in the name of Mujaahid.

  14. Ahmed
    Nasir, thanks for inviting readers to your justification regarding”A grants Advisory Panel (GAP)” which comprises ,according to you, 5 ministers, academics and NGO. Can you disclose who they are (The GAP) and that will put an end to the story.

  15. Rubbish ! What a garbage article! No body is sparred. Nageb is crook. Abdul qader is corrupt . Mohamed Hashi is thug.. I thought the article was about the World Bank and Negeeb..But It shows how low Silanyo activist can go in order to remain power. Mark my word! your shivering tribal Chief Silanyo’s days are numbered.

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