Why Ahmed Osman Guelleh’s empire is collapsing


According to information obtained exclusively by the Indian Ocean Newsletter, the Djiboutian authorities have issued a warrant for the arrest of Ahmed Osman Guelleh, the boss of the local firm GSK Group. The lowdown on how a businessman was brought down by his disputes with the family of President Ismail Omar Guelleh.

A government campaign

According to our sources in Djibouti, on 23 September Ahmed Osman Guelleh fled with his family via Ethiopia to Somalia to put himself beyond the reach of Djiboutian justice. The government has urged all of Ahmed Osman Guelleh’s clients to initiate legal proceedings against him and has put particular pressure on Coubeche, which is run by the daughter of its founder Magda Remon Coubeche, who is also vice president of the Chambre de commerce de Djibouti (CCD). Haramous has also demanded the cancellation of his contracts in Djibouti, including those of his management and installation company, Equipment World, which provides services to the Camp LemonnierAmerican base.

Presidential offence

Ahmed Osman Guelleh’s disgrace is directly linked to an inheritance dispute with the presidential couple. The businessman was a partner in several projects with the former governor of the Banque centrale de DjiboutiDjama Mahamoud Haid, who died in 2013 and who was the brother of Djibouti’s first lady, 


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