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Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

What Somaliland Renewable energy will contribute the climate variability

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Renewable EnergyThe republic of Somaliland is located strategic location of the world trade route, many gases come from transportation, fossil fuels such as oil, gas to run ships, airplanes, vehicles, electricity for industries or households, ships and the biggest sources of energy CO2 are burning and cutting down trees it can be caused by changes and affect the carbon sink being cut down and burned for the forests takes CO2 from the air refers to changes of climate variability of Somaliland.

However, to continue replacing forests and the slow changes of fossil fuel into the amount renewable energy received from the wind and Sun because the number of people uses the renewable energy fast increasing for the leading of the government committed to protect and manage many environmental damages including high cost of fossil fuel, deforestation and droughts

Currently, people understanding bit by bit the advantage of renewable energy, the rural community of Somaliland going to use the renewable energy, this progress w will be positively impact for the availability of cheapest energy service into the people both rural and urban community, at same time the unique natural renewable energy will provides power and  infrastructure development which will  expand all regions of Somaliland for the near future, this renewable energy framework is essential to reduce trouble pollution and deforestation at same time Somaliland committed to play active role on climate change.

Finally, According to Somaliland renewable energy growth the amount of energy coming from the wind energy is constant but keeps alternative changing into the sun energy because, the combination of wind and solar can be efficient and easy operate the country with very cheapest Renewable energy for long operating life, Less air pollution clean and low cost maintained that access to benefit for the lowest people as well as available both urban and nomadic communities, this will be play active role the adaptability renewable energy growth to respond Somaliland National intended commitment on climate change.


Mr. Farhan M. Hidig

#Climate Tracker

Hargeisa Somaliland


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