UK:Important Urgent Notice;To All Somali speaking people in London, UK,


Tomorrow 10:00 a.m. a small number of Somali activists in London will
be handing a petition with 20,000 signatures, over a Barclays’
decision to block remittance services to Prime Minister’s Office, 10
Downing Street. There will be a small group of people at the gate UK
Prime Minster Office to show their support, we are seriously request
to all Somalis live in London and its surrounds to join with the
campaign organizers in front of the office of British Prime Minister
at10 Downing Street.

Please call now the campaign coordinator Mrs. Ms-Färäh A H Bihi her
phone number is 07983776888 and email is her

Thank you to all Somalis in London who respond this daring request and
join tomorrow with the campaign against closing the remittance at No.
10 Downing Street

Please circulate this Notice as wide as possible through your
websites, and your social media including Facebook, twitter etc.



  1. Barclay's Decision to Close Terror Money Feeders is healthy and no U Tern to the effective Bank .Decision no matter the number of Petition forwarded to front door. I don't' think The BRITISH AUTHORITIES can Reverse Barclay's Bank Decision . May be the Barclay's Bank Decision Makers find Alternative Banking system. Somalis Ex changers Petition does make any sense of change .???
    Somali Ex-changers must search 4 anther Alternative Business system . God Help u.
    bye Ex changers of one Eye Business View.
    Ahmed Abyan (London) uk


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