Support for community education FGM project in Somaliland





Above picture-FGM awareness Drama

Project overall goal: – The reproductive health of women in Togdheer and Sanaag has improved.
Specific Objective :
• The number of young girls in Burao who are uncircumcised has decreased from 100% in 2011 to at least 70% in 2014
• The number of young girls in Erigavo who are uncircumcised has decreased from 100% in 2011 to at least 60 % in 2014
Project Period: January 2011- December 2014
Targeted Locations: Togdher and Sanag

Expected Result:
1. Students in selected schools are campaigning against FGM practice.
2. Religious leaders discourage FGM in their sermons and public speeches in Burao and Erigavo.
3. Members of village committees know about FGM consequences and campaign against.
4. The parents who are members of Community education committees (CECs) are campaigning against FGM practice in Burao and Erigavo.
5. Cooperation and coordination with Burao and Erigavo hospitals, line ministries, NGO and networking with anti-FGM activists in Burao and Erigavo for strengthened so that the effort to outlaw FGM is speeded up.
6. The capacity and professionalism of CLHE staff in Burao and Erigavo to deal with FGM issues is strengthened.


Main component Activities

1. Training for traditional birth attendants, community school committees, students, local gender activist and village committees.
2. Provision of clean delivery kits to trained Traditional birth attendant (TBAs).
3. Consultation meeting with religious leaders (male and female), Health workers and parents of school children.
4. Media campaigns against FGM (i.e. TV sports, journal articles, and public debates)
5. Capacity building training for the project staff to handle effective counseling and awareness raising activities.
6. Coordination meeting with project stakeholders (i.e. line ministries, other NGOs, health workers etc)

Source: Candle Light



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