If you are an asylum seeker in the UK and you are asked by the UK border agency Immigration Officers “Sir we will like to grant you either Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or Temporary Admission, choose the one you require”? – Which one will you choose? Of course you will choose the Indefinite Leave to Remain because like everyone else you will like to remain in the in order to enjoy all the opportunities you can get.


So dear brothers and sisters, why are we choosing the temporary life of this world over the indefinite life of the hereafter? Are we mad? Yes we are if we are constantly preoccupied with this world. We know that life in this world is temporary, restricted and limited and Allah has granted us temporary admissions to it, but He informed us that for those of us who want to listen the life hereafter is indefinite and much better and that heaven will be the permanent abode of those who work for it by fulfilling their worship. There is so much we can do and we have very limited time to accomplish our dreams, goals and plans. Strange enough we regard life in this world as permanent and life hereafter as temporary because we live in denial of Akhira. We only realise the transient nature of this world when a loved one suddenly dies and leaves us for the permanent destination Al-Akhira. 


Don’t be distracted from worshiping Allah by this tricky finite world and don’t be deceived by the material world. Everyone has needs list which is always full. Rich and poor – every one has a need. Obviously needs differ, but we all have needs. What usually fuels our needs is not being content with what Allah gave us. So we are always producing needs. If you don’t have a car, you want one. When you get it you want to change it because it’s old. When you change it, you are still not happy with it and want to save money for the latest model.  The same goes with every need. If you are single you want to marry. When Allah bless you with a good wife or husband you wonder how life would have been if you had a different wife or a husband. If you don’t have children – you want a child. If Allah bless your marriage with a daughter you will long for a son. And if Allah accepts your wish and grants you another son your need will not stop there and you will dream of another son because your friends have more sons. If you have Iphone 4, you will think about owning iphone 5,  and if your wish is granted and you get iphone 5, you will dream about owning the much better Samsung Galaxy 4. I’m just making a point – I’m not fussy about smart phones. Stick to your iphone.


Not being happy and content with what Allah has given us is what generally stops us from being happy. This is the barrier to being a good person and a good Muslim and to lead a peaceful tranquil life. If you are constantly running after the worldly needs of this temporary leave to remain world, when are you going to find time preparing for the Akhira – the indefinite leave to remain life that awaits us? Its reported that prophet Mohamed said “Whoever wakes up safely in his home and is healthy in his body and has a provisions for his day, would have acquired all the worldly possessions he is in need of”  Carefully study this Hadith. There is a lot of wisdom in it. Tell me what is more important than health? Will you trade your health for Million pounds? What about your safety – will you give it up for a similar amount of money? Concentrate on the provisions aspect of the Hadith. The prophet didn’t say who ever has provisions for his week, or for his month, a year on so on, he said provisions for a day,  and some people worry about not having enough money in the account in case they lose their job and can’t look after their families for few months or a year as if the world will be without Allah for this period. Subhana Allah.


Let us thank Allah for what we have, be content with this,  and work for our Akhira so that we are successful in this world and the permanent life here after. Please Allah instead of falling to the trap of pleasing others and Allah will please you Insha Allah.

Mohamed Taag


Mohamed Omer Maigag – Taag



  1. The author has a point. This worldly things are only temp and need not be preoccupied with as much than the perm one Allah offered hereafter. Consider this as a social service post.

  2. Why is Islam obsessed with death and dying? Honestly, if you want motivation, inspiration etc you can find all of that in books like the slight edge, or the compound effect, or James Allen's 8 Pillars of Prosperity.

    There is nothing special about Islam take away all the superstitious hearsay and its no different than any other religion.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting material gain bc providing for yourself and your family is the right thing to do! There is no shame in it as long as you are going about it in the right way. Doing illegal things will sooner or later catch up with you. Its not about going to some eternal hell fire, dont do bad things bc it will come back to you in this life not bc you think there is a hot place waiting for you.

    How about the author tells new immigrants to focus on getting an education, working hard, saving and reading valuable books that actually tell you how to do practical things instead of reading the quran etc Actually I wish more Somalis would read the Quran, Tafsiir and Hadith in totality bc then they would realize just how absolutely useless Islam is.

    In the 21st century we have better ways to provide hope, a sense of belonging, inspiration, motivation etc cut out the superstitious bs and you have clarity of mind and purpose.

    Also, another book worth reading is Mans Search for Meaning, anything by Jim Rohn, and the other two books I mentioned in the beginning.

    All religion, all religions do is take advantage of our need for inspiration and motivation and hope and then mix it with lies and these lies divide us. The muslims, from the pagans, the pagans from the christians, the christians from the jews and the jews from everyone else and it never ends until we say STOP, ENOUGH!

  3. Hey atheist,

    You, and your alike are the most useless, low life individuals who are only obsessed with this temporary life. If death scares you that much, then you should know that you will die no matter how long you gonna live, but you’ll be ashes in your grave once your filthy body is down beneath the soil. You claim there is nothing special about Islam? So what is wrong with all those scientists who gave their shahada that quran never been anti science, in fact Quran revealed scientific facts 1400 years ago, when scientists just now, under the most advanced technologies are doing their discoveries.

    Secondly you talking about hell as if it doesn’t exist? Ask your little brain, is it fair, when Hitler killed all those millions, only to just commit suicide? Is that it really? So the stupid say of what goes around comes around doesn’t always work! Take your rubbish somewhere else, we believe that there is a creater, and that creator will take the right for the oppressed ones from their oppressors on a day, where rights will be taken and given to where it belongs.

  4. Ilyas

    Those scientists are here:

    giving testimony that when they were in saudi arabia they were asked questions and their answers taken out of context. Please view their actual statements.

    I am not afraid of death. Its you who are afraid of death and need some sort of after life. You need there to be something good (heaven) and something bad (hell) in order to do the right thing. Which atheists do not. We realize that doing good is its own reward! Doing good furthers the species while doing evil only causes pain and destruction. You dont need to believe in superstitious things to see that.

    How about you start with how the Quran lies about embryology! In fact here is a paper written about how the Quran and Mohammed are factually and scientifically wrong about embryology:

    Here is a leading embryologist that basically breaks it down for you:

    Here is more evidence that is a wrong and a lie:

    Hell is a childish concept just like Heaven is. What sort of supreme being gives you 72 virgin orgies for believing in him? Or burns the better part of humanity just because they didnt think Mohammed got it right?

    You cant claim allah is all merciful with how many times he threatens non believers with hell fire. If he was soo keen on everyone going to heaven why didnt he create people as muslims? What sort of game is he playing at? You cant be all merciful all kind and then turn around and burn people for all eternity bc you didnt make them born into a certain religion.

    The concept of heaven in Islam is even more absurd. You have to sit there in this so called heaven that only a desert arab could think up and hear the rest of humanity burning while you and allah sit there and enjoy their screams….what sort of sadistic creature does that and then claims he is all merciful…laughable

    I am being honest, you are not! I am not going to tell people there is some hell fire or heaven full of translucent, alien eyed women with unbreakable hymans bc I cant say its true and its highly unlikely and childish. Seems like something a se x crazed 5th century arab would find appealing but not a grown man in the 21st century. I dont know about you but that sounds creepy as fr a ck!

  5. Well said NLander_how come they never tell this sea of Somali immigrants formerly Somalis first and foremost but now vehemently Arabized moslems, how to fix their broken lives by aiming to make their young become the new pride of their host countries? I will tell you why. These traders of in exclusively desertian Arab religion or rather Saudism/Ibin- Wahabism,have only one agenda_the distancing of all Somali communities in The West from their hosts' ways of life. That is why they constantly preach the superiority of a supposedly scientific holy book wherein all life's questions are contained. The aforesaid notion is so wide-spread and especially popular with the young that a lot of young muslims will tell you that their holly book is thousands of years ahead in its scientific themes compared to what 21st century man(by which is usually meant white civilization) is just discovering now! This is laughable indeed because this only reinforces the luck of a broad knowledge of many moslims of what has gone before in much older civilizations. First of all, they have no clue as to how the so-called true religion of the Arab god came into being for I am very much in doubt that any Moslems are familliar with hebrew,or thereafter the christian scripture. If that where the case, I believe that more Moslems would not be so mesmerized by these incredible desertian Arabs' myths and, to the knowledgable of course, these obvious merely half understood tenets of the Jews and Christians lifted directly from these sources! Interested parties can check out the British historian Tom Holland's recent book on islam_a finely written story of islam filled with factual daily life of the middle east starting with a 6th century portrait of what was happening in the then almost falling apart two empires(the Roman and that of the Persians) of that region. Concerning that strange paradise promise of those wide-eyed maidens mentioned by the Quran for example, one can't help but have a hearty laugh when one discovers that this is so similar to stories already familiar from Greek mythology! So now, back to this guy who is telling Somalis that they need to ignore this world and only work for the next, perhaps it's time that he and similar minded self-styled sheiks told those who have found their way into the advanced West that they should do their prayers_those who need them,privately at home while at same the time living their lives according to that cliche of , ' while in Rome, do as the Romans do, or if you prefer it in its Somali version, ' one takes his eyes out when one finds oneself where all are blind.

    Just a thought ,

  6. Here we go again bashing Islam, the new fad by some non-believers!

    Back in the 6th/7th centuries hardly, in fact no one was educated in the nuances of science hence why Prophet Mohammed explained things in the simplest most generic form to the masses.

    In context: In the 7th century there were no structurally solid homes, smartphones, cars, essentially nothing we would consider a necessity/luxury in today's world, such as AC, universities – you get my point? How then would one reasonably expect to react if you started using terms like "Myoblast Migration" to your parishioners? I for one, had I lived at the time, would have gotten up, said I got no time for this, and went to fill my buckets with well water and gone back to my mud house or tent – it would be incredibly hard for a "Jahil" to comprehend the stages of embryology now much less then. Moral of the story: Know YOUR audience before you utter a word, lest you lose them to boredom or atheism.

    • Part 2.

      "Islamic Embryology: Overblown Balderdash" does not refute one word Prophet Mohammed said, if anything his complaint is, it is not detailed enough. Again, know your audience, we are not talking about a bunch of highly educated Bedouins in the 7th century.

      • Part 3.

        For your Iftar (or whatever atheists during the Holy Month) read these verses in the Quran and compare with your beloved atheists authors.

        He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth.
        (Qur'an 6:101

        "Do not they not see that the heavens and the Earth
        were once one mass, then We rent them apart?"
        (Qur'an 21:30)

        "And it is We who have constructed the heaven with might,
        and verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it."
        (Qur'an 51:47)

        "Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and
        the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation),
        before We clove them asunder, and We made from
        water every living thing. Will they not then believe?"
        (Qur'an 21:30)

        "and the heavens we created with might (power) and
        we are expanding it."
        (Qur'an 51:47)

        It is a consensus now among scientists – though it was mentioned in the Quran 1,400 years ago – the Universe is expanding.

        A mortal human once said: Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.

    • Mohammed was an idiot! Plain and simple. He explained the changing of the seasons to someone as hell fire asking allah to breath. Instead of simply saying that the earths rotation on its axis and in turn its gravitation around the sun is what causes the seasons. See how simple that was, why didnt mohammed do that? because he was an idiot claiming to know the mind of God when he didnt

      I can provide the link to the actual hadith if you would like it, but I have already posted it on another comments forum on here.

  7. Again it was refuted all scientific claims in the quran are bs! The arabs constantly reengineer arab words to make them fit. The simple fact is most of it was either vague or already known by the greeks and could be easily transmitted.

    Please read the full article again and if you need more help go to lisan al arab to check the root words for arabic and see how these mofos lie thru their teeth that mohammed knew stuff when the mofo either stole it off the greeks including the incorrect passages or plain lied about it.

    Please see the youtube video that goes extensively into it. and I know you didnt read the article


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