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Published On: Sat, Aug 4th, 2012

Sports: Sublime Farah delivers distance gold for Britain

LONDON (Reuters) – Mo Farah delivered on all the huge pre-Games hype with a coruscating run to become Britain’s first 10,000 meters Olympic champion in front of an ecstatic home crowd on Saturday.

The 29-year-old, who also became the first man to win this event on home soil, took the gold medal with a time of 27 minutes 30.42 seconds, half a second ahead of his American training partner Galen Rupp who grabbed a surprise second place.

Ethiopia’s Tariku Bekele claimed bronze with his older brother Kenenisa, who was bidding for an unprecedented third 10,000m Olympic gold, in fourth.

“I just can’t believe it, the crowd got behind me so much. I’ve never experienced anything like this. The best moment of my life, something I’ve worked so hard for,” said Farah, who had dropped to his knees in elation after crossing the line.

“My legs were getting tired and I had to dig in that last bit. But the crowd helped me to get through. Unbelievable. My childhood, my coaches, I can’t thank enough people.”

On a balmy night for British fans, Farah grabbed a third athletics gold medal for the host nation, a haul they have never achieved before in one day.

The 25-lap race had been a nervy one up until the final lap when Farah broke away. To deafening cheers he found an extra burst of energy on the last bend that took him over the line to raucous applause.

For Farah, 5,000m European and world champion and 10,000m European champion, Saturday’s victory over the longer distance was all the sweeter after letting the 10,000m world title slip from his grasp in South Korea last year where he was pipped on the line and forced to settle for silver.

The man who moved to England from Mogadishu, Somalia at the age of eight will have a chance of double gold in London as he is also down to run the 5,000m.

His profile has rocketed since moving from leafy west London to America in 2011 and switching to a new trainer in three-times New York marathon winner Alberto Salazar.

“Seeing my daughter was so emotional. Coming out running to me, wow,” Farah said, having rushed to embrace his daughter and pregnant wife on the track to huge cheers.

Rupp, who became the first American to win a medal in the event since Billy Mills won it in 1964 in Tokyo, was delighted for his training partner.

“I’m thrilled for Mo. It’s unreal. Two training partners coming in first and second, I couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him,” Rupp said.

“We work hard. I’m the lucky one – I get to train with the best middle-distance runner in the world.”



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  1. Kayse says:

    He killed the Ethiopians and Kenyans proving that Somalis are better runners but they too busy fighting meaningless war.

    He is a gun and I am happy for his win. Now a Somali has a gold medal.

    Thank you Mohamed Farah.

  2. Kayse says:

    I wound advise him to lobby the British government and other donors as well as various groups to help develop a track field in Gabiley and while at the top of this ladder contribute to his people. There are countless kids who are ready to follow his lead if given the opportunities and facility.

    He must become like Haile Gebreselassie who developed the sport in Ethiopia.

  3. ComeAgain says:

    Corretion a Somalilander and also a Briton has a Gold Medal!

  4. khaatumo citizen says:

    looooooooool Mo Farah hand's gestures say ""catch me if you can'' I'm really proud of him unlike our other two kids who wanted us to be supportive because they were holding the blue flag. I mean how the hell do you take untrained kids who can't even run with proper shoes into a world stage and expect us to be happy at coming the last? this is a competition not a sympathy contest. mayn crew the Somali Olympic Committee.

    • Jambazi says:

      the walaweyne girl was running as if her feet were tons of steels, or more like a chicken with broken legs. I could not bear the embarrassment, i smashed my TV set. It was so embarrassing I wished i did not watched that race.

    • Abdullahi says:

      learn your manners man it's ramadan be kind to others.

    • kabocalaf says:

      Khaatumo citizen
      lol@sympathy contest. So true brother. All heroes of the Somali race are from Somaliland: Abdi Bile, Karaciin, and now Mo. Wallaweyns always come last: They came last in Munich too and there was no war then.

  5. burcoman says:

    This a triumphant win for somaliland and england and i congratulate Mo Farah. However i am upset he didnt wave a somaliland as this was a big opportunity for somaliland. Secondly im equaly up set that i didnt see a notable somaliland fan base to suport him. I encourage somaliland athletes and hopefuls to pursue their dreams and for somalilanders to support them. Somalilanders are talented but enough support isnt given to our athletes or the hopefuls that should change. I wish i saw a whole section of the stadium with somaliland fans it was a great opportunity but we still got gold!

    • ur mum says:

      he may be from wht so called somalilland, however, he is running for BRITAIN, NOT somaliland so please don't mention that name.

      Thank you

    • ... says:

      That Gold is for britain not for the wht so called somaliland – a poor little nation wana be.

  6. Ayanle says:

    OMG i Can't believe somalilander want to take him
    too ! I mean how can you claim a southern hawiye
    from mogadishu as one of your own ? Do you
    Want knaan too ? Loooool !
    Please Stop embarrassing yourself and just be happy
    for a positive achievement from a somali whatever
    where he came from !!

    • Abdiwahab says:

      are u dumb crazy or jealous although he was born in hamar his family are isaaq from somaliland so shut up and dont hate this is a victory for somalilanders not mooryaans like urself

    • DAROODmadhane says:

      you are bieng dar00d so stop. if he is not a somalilander why did he go hargaisa last year. everything good comes from somaliland

  7. Abdi Dinny says:

    stop fighting in the net like fools, that is what you are. Fools. He was in mogadishu but his father in Gabiley somalilna, so what let the guy enjoy his moment pls.

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