Sonmaliland:Plans by WADDANI to Open Office in Huluul Town Blocked by Police


hinda wadani.jpgBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Huluul-Plans by WADDANI one of the country official political organizations to open party’s office in Huluul district in Sanaag region  proved futile after blocked the opposition party officials by police earlier today.

According to reports the WADDANI delegation led by Ms. Hinda Jama Hirsi Gaani the party social affairs liaison and the former Mayor of Huluul towns Mr. Abdi Hassan (Abdi Weyne) were blocked by heavily armed policemen led by the officer in Charge of police in Eel AfWeyne and the Eel Afweyne local government officials told the opposition party officials that they had being given orders not to allow the opening of any offices in the town by opposition parties.

Hundreds of residents of Huluul town who had gathered at the venue for the opening ceremony of the new offices were later dispersed by the police.

The latest development is a blow to the country democratization process and considering the ever increasing harassment of opposition officials and their supporters by security apparatus in recent times and which clearly states the lack of committed by the current government to deny its opponents a level playing field.



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