Somaliland:Chinese Liaison office to be opened next Week


logoBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Ambassador Abdi Mahmoud Saleban “Mingeste” Somaliland Representative to the People’s Republic of China has revealed that the Chinese community living in Somaliland will be opening a liaison office in Hargeisa the country next week.

Ambassador Mingeste said the purpose of opening the Chinese liaison office was to promote the economic, Trade, cultural and medical cooperation between the citizens of the peoples of the Republic of China and Somaliland, to protect the interests of Chinese citizens living in the country.

mingeste“With the new office we expect to strengthen existing cordial and to expand Friendship and economic partnership with the China”, he said

Ambassador Mingeste concluded by stating “A colorful opening ceremony for the new offices will be held next week 15-12-2015 at the Hotel Ambassador.chine4



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