Somalliland:Coastal Guards arrest Illegal Immigrants in a Lawya-Addo Beach


somaliland-coastguard1By Goth Mohamed Goth

Captain Harun Said Ali, commanding officer in charge of Somaliland coastal guards based in Selel region the country’s western coast has revealed the apprehensions of illegal immigrants from neighboring countries as they were about to board boats in Lawyo – Addo destined for the middle east.
The coastal guard’s officer said, “Somaliland coastal guards units on routine patrol came across four illegal immigrants and a Somaliland citizen trying to board a boat in an isolated beach near Lawyo – Addo situated in the country western coast.
“On the 7th of this month, coastal guards units caught would be illegal immigrants, four women from neighboring Somalia and a middle aged man of Somaliland origin as they were about to board boat in a beach in Lawyo –Addo and we also managed to confiscated $ 1200 the money which he took from the illegal immigrants from the man who we suspect of being engaged in human trafficking business, ,” he said.
The coastal guard’s captain went on to say, “Our officer later transferred the illegal immigrants and the suspected human trafficker to regional police headquarters in the town of Saylac for further investigations …


Captain Harun added, “This is the third time in five months that we have being able to apprehend illegal immigrants who had entered the country illegally from neighboring countries with intentions of boarding boats headed to countries in the Middle East.


Lastly the Selel coastal guards chief said, “Somaliland coastal guards have in the past two months increased the number of Patrols in the western coast.



  1. why not caught illegal migrant on land disturbing our peace and work opportunities scattered all streets in capital city without proper documents .why migration department not doing there own job

    • Tell you why? because we are living in an unfortunate country run by few thugs who care for nothing but for their own pockets. These people are not patriots, they don’t belong to this country and they are here only to fill their empty pockets so they can build homes for them selves abroad and enjoy the loot for the rest of their lives else where.

      • cheers ! actually i agree with u also educated their children abroad .indigenous progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

        • You got that right brother ! they also carry a foreign passports and so on and so forth, so the problem lies with us. We are to submissive.
          May the Almighty help us all, Amin.

          • thanks so much bro 4 supporting and care u showed in homeland but needs much efforts to join youngster together and struggle 4 our wrights ! bravo bro

          • I am up to it bro, one must die 4 the cause at least one believes in. We are really going nowhere. We are watching our country disintegrating before our eyes without a finger being lifted. So enlist me with the youngsters even though i am not young anymore.


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