Somaliland:You should put your own house in order before Accusing Others Cirro Told


cukuseBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Information and National Guidance Hon Abdullah Mohamed Dahir (Cukuse) speaking at a function one day ago said, “The speaker of the national assembly should practices what he preaches, I would like to use this opportunity to remind the honorable speaker that he still seems to be in comfort warming the speaker’s chair while his tenure as the speaker expired several years ago, off course he should think twice before accusing President Silonyo of plotting to extend his term in office who as we know all is in his fourth year in office , I wonder if the speaker has ever questioned his conscious if its right for him to still occupy the chair.

“The Speaker should first question his conscious is right for him to hold on his position since 2005 till now 2014 before even thinking of accusing others,” Cukuse said.

The Information Minister went on to accuse opposition politicians of plotting to dissolve the country two official opposition parties and make on a tribal alliance drawn from certain clans (Habr Magado), he added it’s so sad to see the opposition resorting to such uncivilized and desperate measures which are a prelude to undermine democracy in Somaliland and worse still is that the seeds of hatred which they’re sowing now will in the future have negative impact on upcoming generation.

Hon Cukuse while speaking during a press conference held in his office said, “The current government lead by president Silanyo plans to hold the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections on due time.



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