Somaliland:Why Chairman Muse Bihi Abdi has emerged incontestable KULMIYE Presidential Aspirant?


muse bihiChairman Muse Bihi Abdi is one of the very few surviving SNM high ranking officials, who fought bravely during the course of the armed struggle of Somali National Movement directed at the ouster of the despotic regime of Siad Bare of Somalia, which eventually led to the rebirth of Somaliland Republic. Mr. Muse Bihi had stood up fearlessly for the rights of the people in the northern regions of Somalia currently Somaliland – and in order to throw off the authoritarian government yoke – he went to the bush, and decidedly waged war against the repressive military junta of Somalia, while his peers in the military government chose unilaterally to continue to live under the oppressive regime that unleashed brutality upon its very same people for which it was governing.

Following the emancipation of the country from the dictatorial regime, he actively took part in the reconstruction of Somaliland, while he served under late President Egal’s administration in 1990s as the Home Minister and that his role in the disarmament and demobilization was noticeable throughout the country. During his tenure as the Interior Minister, he energetically worked late President Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal, the Father of the nation on the reconstruction and peacemaking of the country as the SNM warriors who liberated the country from the invading enemy were armed to the teeth, and that Egal’s predecessor failed to live up to the people’s expectation. For one reason or the other, Mujaahid Muse Bihi Abdi had fallen out with his political mentor (Egal) and unilaterally chose to remain opposition until the latter’s departure from the political scene.

Kulmiye’s defeat by a narrow of margins not dashed its hopes

Dahir Rayale Kahin who has been a Vice- President came to power in the awake of President Egal’s departure from the political scene in 2002; President Rayale, had followed the footsteps of his predecessor and made much headway in the democratization process by holding the first democratic Presidential elections of their kind in which he himself was chosen as the Somaliland’s first democratically elected President.

Mujaahid Muse Bihi Abdi, right after the inception of the ruling party – Kulmiye, he joined the ranks of the Kulmiye founders, and has been at the forefront of winning the hearts and minds of large scale of Kulmiye diehard supporters, which engendered that Kulmiye party to be defeated narrowly just by 84 votes in the Presidential election in which Dahir Rayale Kahin was sworn in as the country’s first democratically elected President in 2003. However, the hopes of Mujaahid Muse Bihi and his party functionaries were never dashed by the narrow margins in which UDUB came to office, and never gave up hope, but adamantly pressed ahead with their plans in seizing power in a democratic means and remained in the backbench ever since President Rayale’s fruitless eight years at the helm. Kulmiye, its eight years in the opposition emerged the strongest and most respected opposition party and became conversant with the democratic manner in pinpointing UDUB’s shortcomings and weaknesses, but their constructive criticisms were translated as destructive statements uttered by a mere opposition party.


Chairman Muse Bihi was instrumental in unseating UDUB

The Kulmiye party had come under intense pressure from the ruling party – UDUB, for which President Rayale was its chairman. The Kulmiye diehard supporters were subjected to political intimidations, unfair treatments and were incarcerated arbitrarily day in day out. In spite of the stepmotherly treatments meted out to the supporters of Kulmiye as well as the party functionaries, Kulmiye high command have shown perseverance and political maturity which caused them to seize the power in a democratic fashion in 2010 as there is no doubt in one’s mind that the incumbent chairman of the ruling party – Muse Bihi Abdi, who is well- versed in election campaigns was instrumental in unseating the sitting President, Dahir Rayale Kahin by a landslide victory.

Twists and Turns of Kulmiye Fate

All hell broke loose when the incumbent chairman – Muse Bihi Abdi announced overtly his candidacy for President in the forthcoming Presidential contest and this became severe blow to the Siilanyo administration which resorted to heavy-handed tactics to hush his supporters. These twists and turns have unraveled the harmony and the solidarity of the ruling party; the authorities in the government of Ahmed Siilanyo were deeply polarized on this issue and the opposition parties capitalized out of the Kulmiye mess.

Following months of sustained political turmoil within the ruling party, the chairman of the House of Elders have embarked on political endeavour to put an end the political mayhem prevailed in the ruling party by shuttling between the two men heading the two opposing political camps; the chairman of the House of Elders and some members of the House including the highly respected man, who is also the oldest man in the House, Haji Abdikariim Hussein better known as Abdiwarabe, brought the two men together in the Presidential Palace. Prior to the commencement of the mediation the two conflicting sides were told to accept the upshot of the mediation which they set precondition for the mediation and they agreed unhesitantly.

Once the verdict of the House of the Elders has been delivered in the presence of high profile personalities in the Presidential Palace, chairman Muse Bihi Abdi, though, it was diametrically difficult for him to admit, he accepted the ruling of the House of Elders in the larger interest of the ruling party and that of the nation.

Why Chairman Muse Bihi has emerged the indisputable Kulmiye candidate?

Given his resilience, past and present record of history; his longstanding ample knowledge in electioneering; his wide-ranging understanding on the local political context; his full knowledge of the people of Somaliland and their geographical settings; his perseverance and patience he had shown when he came under vigorous political pressure from the Siilanyo administration in announcing his candidacy for president for his ruling party for which he is the chairman; chairman Muse Bihi Abdi, has fully emerged the incontestable Kulmiye Presidential aspirant in the forthcoming elections, and not even the one who is now in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who wants to be a Johnny come lately can beat him in the Kulmiye coming congress, which is slated to take place on November 10th, 2015, on which the people of Somaliland are training their eyes.

Mukhtar Mohamed Abby

Hargeisa, Somaliland








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