Somaliland:Where does the present Political gridlock lead Somaliland


ballot box stuff at NEC HEADFQUATERS

By Mohamed Bahal
The reality behind the political discord going on between the President and two political parties is the same political phenomenon that engulfed the country in last 2 years.

The two political parties draw their support for holding the election in June, 2015, from the International Community, while the President has the support of majority parliamentarians.

These parliamentarians , some are patronized and loyal supporters and others foresee that their seats are uncertain in the coming election. However, the people cherish peace and tranquility and
follow their routine daily lives.
Somaliland waged uninterrupted campaign for national recognition. Britain and Ethiopia were the two countries who showed positive response at beginning , but unable to overcome the position held by the International community regarding the issue of recognition. It is apparent now that the road to recognition reached dead end.

It needs shrewd politician to tell the people the outcome of long search that the past and the present Governments undertook in the last 23 years.

The present political confrontation if not settled will jeopardize democratization in the eyes of the stakeholders.
While the political feud is going on among middle regions’ politicians, people in the outer regions are watching which way the pendulum will swing.

It is time to question how can the fate of the  country rests on one clan? I don’t think Somaliland can sustain democratically while three highest offices are held by one clan. In addition , distribution of major ministerial positions are also held by Ministers of same clan. While that is the reality of the situation, there are two individual Ministers who used their ministerial portfolio to marginalize the rights of Awdal employees and also shut the door to job seekers. There is none or few employees who hold position of authority in their respective Ministries.

Meantime, the traditional elders of Awdal are watching the political development taking place In Hargeysa. Who ever wins the current political discord, they are determined not to accept if their petition for equal justice in allocation of development projects and civil servants hiring and promotion not given the priority it deserves.
Mohamed Bahal





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