Somaliland:West-North of Hargeisa Suburbs are Sprawling with Patrolling Paramilitary Police Forces


By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

Four years ago, a midnight celebrations of presidential victory by Mr. Silanyo from Buroa town awakened sleeping kids of the other parts of the Hargaysa city while Buroa unaware of his election victory.  Many people unfamiliar with ethnic composition of Somaliland folks questioned Silanyo’s belonging: many thought Silanyo has received new card naturalization of his hosting tribe of 40 years like Nimo Yasin, a popular singer from outcaste tribe in Somalialnd. But the today lavish party venues is encircled by patrolling paramilitary Police Forces recruited from Sanaag, Awdal , Saylac, and Sool regions to silence growing opposition of West-North Hargaysa. Fadal, the Chief Security man avowed to put all those Shaani-throwers behind bars, his Security Minister Waran’adde, sitting the same seat Muse Bihi sat and uttered his notorious remarks boasting his new acquired muscles of Maryal-alool “capable of killing, he’ll kill” Waran’ade supporters at the time for no apparent reasons, that silly remarks echoes the Minister’s ears day and night, therefore; he is pondering to launch all-out war against what he calls “ unruly troublemakers” , rioters and anyone who is sheltering them. Person thought to be Pro Muse Bihi Supporters insulting Pro Silanyo Suber Awal Elders recently at Mansor Hotel

the picture above though a tip of the iceberg shows elderly people on their way to Mandera dungeon, Fadal the man in charge of the national security avowed  to languish in the prison till they declare their loyalty to the president like their Minister Bihi Yonis at BBC World Service.  if you look at the picture, there is a man whose shirt is grabbed by another “please leave me alone, I repent for being pro-Muse, next election, I will beat the drum for the president” the man is said to say that! On the other hand, many independent observers say the people whom arrested simply expressed their opinion and fell in love with Muse Bihi, no riots, if so, the arrested people will be the first “political prisoners” since Somaliland’s foundation 23 years ago.

Fadal, a powerful Chief Security figure announced anyone intends to throw Shani bottles in support of the failed candidate in the qualifying matches— to compliment him if he deserves one— will be tossed up in military pickup and thrown in Mandeera Prison for a min a year or so.

Somalilanders have welcomed the swift move against terrorists hiding in Ali Jowher village in Borame


Figure 1 Halbeeg photo/ brutal paramilitary police packed suspected Muse’s supporters, many of the innocent bystanders into congest Pickup car.

Continuous patrolling in the anti-Silanyo districts in Hargaysa disrupted businesses: Chanal One and Two or Three have ceased due to fear of Patrolling Police cars driven in a fast speed.  The Khat place is empty like Gargaar or Ina Gaafane of Togdheer where residents in the area usually go to buy Khat bundles. many foreigners relocated to Ambassador area, safest place in the city today, where they can easily evacuated as it’s a half kilometer away from the airport, many local people with western citizenship moved to Half- London quarters of Hargaysa to escape the nightly nightmares of throwing explosives of locally manufactured.

Thinking what to do with clannish rioters, some of them none Somalilanders, Ali Waran’adde, Interior Minister, is contemplating to bulldoze their house— the case of Deputy Security whose house was stormed by Paramilitary Polices of Waran’ader’s order—if they don’t declare their loyalty to the president as they did before. RRU, highly trained and better fed police commandoes are on standby on high alert to rapidly respond if Muse’s “Shaani” fans don’t quit conspiring with the enemy.RRU of Duur’s great legacy are trained to ensure security whenever troublemakers like those jeopardize the city’ s noble residents. The first batch already declared their loyalty to the president out of fear and others have to follow suit otherwise the Security Minister will dismantle the forces of disruption and intimidation. He enforced a partial curfew in the “Shaani” area to stop the “play”.

the presence of amassed paramilitary police forces from over the country reminds me of 1988 when Morgan launched his brutal militarization of Hargaysa and distributed soldiers to the city a house to house to scare fearless heroes that bypassed his military machines and ultimately forced him to flee to Utanga, Kenya, where he is stays until today suffering and awaiting to be resettled in the US.




  1. What a disgraceful community they are teaching our people how ignorant Sacad muse tribe are and they have exposed themselves to the most idiot community who they have elected for presidency at the same time of Sillanyo election victory

  2. I am so sorry to read this garbage article full of lies. As long as one keep on writing about clan politices instead, of development of ones country, you are nothing but narrow minded person. Somalilanders are moving beyond clan politices into politces of inclusion and development and I hope the train will not leave you behind.

  3. I live in Hargeisa, I never came across any of the nonsene that you wrote on your comments. Truly you are distructive individual who is hell bent in destroying Somaliland. Glancing from your comments you want to forment trouble in a peacefull city, but SL community knows better than following trouble soule like your self. You seem to be a disturbed person who is angry with his own personal life and want to make tribalism and divisiveness to feed his ego. I don’t think you can influence a child let alone an adult, keep your sick mind from SL. God bless SL and you may burn in hell

  4. I agree with you kahin, this is the most stupidest article I have read full of fictional, and far from the reality on the ground, whoever wrote is not qualified journalist, it is properly some of the street somewhere in Europe, who has no life or nothing to do. this just go to show that people are distorting journalism as anyone can write this nonsense.

  5. I cannot believe SLP is still publishing this incomprehensible drivel by this charcter. With such lack of editorial laxity, I am afraid SLP is rapidly losing the reputation it gained in its early days. The standards are simply inadequate,. I leave today, with heavy heart never to return to this site. But thank you for some of the better memories.

  6. keep your sick mind from SL.daanta isxaaqa ayaa amaana uunbaad noo sheegtey wax kale oo aad meesha ku qortey ma jirto sxb totally garbage

  7. the writer is stupid and sick as his article doesn’t make anysense but shows how sick he is, he is still remember what happened egal’s time and trying to create a economic war against sacad muse for revenge .
    anagu hj ahaan cidna isma hayno xoogna wax kuma rabno kuna heli ba maayo nina food xoog iyo cay dawladana nina maleh ninka kursiga raba ee aflagado iyo cay isaga iyo tagerayasha reerkiisa ahi samaynayan kursi sida maku helaya reerkii uu isku halaynayana isku dir oo hadi silanyo kahadhana soon bixi mayo .

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