Somaliland:We(Opposition) Shall form A Parallel Government if upcoming elections aren’t Held on due time



By Goth Mohamed Goth
The Justice and Welfare party (UCID)Vice presidential hopeful Hon Abdirashid Hassan Mataan has revealed plans by opposition parties to form a parallel government if elections aren’t held on due time this as deterrent against any plans by the ruling party to extend its term in office come the 26th of June 2015 when the current government led by President Silanyo comes to an end.
“If the upcoming elections are not held in due time then its the fault of the current government and they should not expect to be rewarded with an extension instead we the opposition parties and civil societies groups shall be forced to form a parallel government and we urge the citizens of these nation to prepare for such a scenario”, Mr. Abdirashid said in an interview with Radio Hilac.

On the other hand the vice presidential aspirant criticized for totally failed to deliver on its pledged in terms of democracy, good governance, respects human rights, allows for expression of speech, respects women rights and the fight against corruption.

“The failure and the lack of appropriate preparations by the present government to start the National identity and Voter Registration card issuing process in is a critical factor in the equation to build a free and fair elections culture – a key pillar of Somaliland stabilization efforts. To lump the two systems, and in the present circumstances of Somaliland political climate and the fact the issuance of the National identity and Voter Registration cards is due to begin in September one is left to wonder why the parliament hasn’t passed the law yet could become a harbinger of institutionalized election fraud and political instability; it is a deliberate diversion from Somaliland’s established trajectory of peaceful elections”, Mr. Abdirashid said.



  1. Dream on brother Abdi , because it is your right to dream, but there is no guarantee that your dream will come true. Dreams do not come more worst time than when the dreamer is awake and sipping tea at comfort of his junior UN position.

    Could you give us a single thing you or your little boss has ever done for this country? I would like to see if you will succeed being elected as a village councillors. Have you ever read the Somaliland constitution? If yes, where did you see such government mentioned in our constitution? Nowhere is the answer. Please spare us time and space and don’t try to punch over your weight, I don’t know if I can put you or your partner in a Somaliland political category , because I can’t any that will match you.


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