Somaliland:We Managed to Collect Enough Funds for the Construction of 100KM of Burao/ Erigavo Road-Hersi



By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of Presidential Affairs Hon Hersi Ali Haji Hassan who is currently touring the United States of America and Canada has said that he had been encourage by the progress made so far regarding the funds collections process for the construction Burao/Erigavo road.

 “We joint celebrated the 18 May celebrations with members of Somaliland diaspora in Washington D.C and Canada and we at the same time took this opportunity to raise crucial funds for the construction of the Burao/Erigavo Road and we were encouraged by the diaspora support  towards this project “,Hersi said while speaking to the BBC Somali language service last evening .the Presidential Affairs Minister was asked if there were any foreign contributors who had donated funds towards the construction of the Burao/Erigavo  road and he had this to say, “So far we haven’t had any foreign contributor but  as you’re aware of the project was solely owned by the people of Somaliland since day one and the Government of Somaliland through its’ roads authority is funding 100km of this road while the Somaliland communities both in the country and the Diaspora is contributing with funds to complete,the construction of the remaining 200km of the road and we have managed to collect enough money to construct at least 100 Km with the construction of the first 30 KM already underway.

The Presidential Affairs Minister was asked if he can guarantee or assure those donating the funds that their monies shall be used for the rightful purpose, he had this to say, “The monies collected for the road construction goes directly to a savings  account and there is now way that money  can be withdraw personal gains and also there is a website dedicated solely for the road there you can see who has donated $100 can see his name and how his $100 has being used , so one may realize that we collecting this funds for the sole purpose of national building.


  1. Hirsi , the 150k that you got from Toronto, was it a pledge or real money ? the only people that came to you fundraising was a few persons of your clan, you didn’t get a penny from any others Issack ‘s clan,
    Stopping Lying to lander , I guess a thug and thief has no shame
    You didn’t get a penny from us and we will not fund the next election of silanyo,


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