Somaliland:Water to be supplied and distributed everywhere, reiterates U’kuse


cukuseBy M.A. Egge

The Minister of Information Culture and National Guidance Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed U’kuse have once again reiterated the government’s objectives and aims of supplying water to all parts of the city.
The Minister was yesterday speaking at a function that honoured the new youthful appointed assistant fisheries minister Abdikarim Ahmed Moge and the newly appointed presidential advisor for social affairs Mr. Mohammed-Eid Dimbil.

Hon. U’kuse was has been notably outspoken on the water issues afflicting the city, was last Saturday amongst new inclusions in the committee for the water resourcing and supplies distribution of the Hargeisa Municipality appointed by the President H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud.

He noted that it was no wonder that the residents of the southern portion of the city were quite sensitive on the lack of water since they have been largely without the commodity for the past two decades.
He reassured the city residents that the state was addressing the matter as per cue hence sooner rather than later would water be distributed all over.

The Humboweyne water project aimed to boost the supply is currently under way.

The Minister urged people to desist from rumour mongering especially during the Holy Month of the Ramadan.


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