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Published On: Sat, Aug 1st, 2015

Somaliland:Water Scarcity bites Deeply

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children push wheelbarrows loaded with Jerry cans full of drinking water from a water pump in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, on May 16, 2015. Mohammed Abdiwahab/AFP Photo

children push wheelbarrows loaded with Jerry cans full of drinking water from a water pump in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.

Situation is grimmer than envisioned

We hail the Head of State for his timely directive towards the temporary alleviation of water problems to parts of the country that has been hit quite hard.

With the directive, water bowsers will provide water to the needy in the affected areas starting today (or tomorrow).

It is quite clear that the Media had highlighted the seriousness of the situation and carried the official version of the case.

This newspaper and Dawan (of Somali language) had explicitly put in the limelight the words of both the Awdal and Selel regional governors.

It is of note that Gov. Ramaah vividly and candidly declared that this year will see no produce at all being harvested.

The graveness of the words needs no more further expounding of what the real situation is.

On the other hand, people may find the situation perplexing given that even the other areas that were lucky to have received ample amounts of rainfall this season share the same plight with the hardest hit areas.

While the northern parts of Hargeisa witness slight showers last evening, the lack of the resonating sounds of the Q                unut (special prayers invocation) from the minarets of the pulpits is clear depiction that the mainstream people have not yet got the real grasp of the situation.

Furthermore, feelers we have put to water bowser operators have given us another grim picture of the whole situation.

Their drivers say that it takes them to visit three or four water rigs in order to fill an 8 ton water bowser. They claim that it is an unprecedented situation that they have never witnessed before.

That the water sources (boreholes) have been hit this much and so soon after rains is indeed a sorry state of situation. But far much worse is when few fathom the real impact and the graveness of the matter. Better still, what compounds the matter is the fact that three engines at the Geedeeble water resources have been reported to have broken down.

We ask the clergy to invoke Devine help before the matter gets out of control.

The case of having water bowsers being given time tables as to when they would fill their tanks by the rig operators is something SL has not witnessed in eons. This is what the drivers say.

The water holes serve almost half of Hargeisa city alone through supplies by the water tankers.


Looking to the small showers dependably will not pay in such circumstances.

This is worse given that we have not spooned water catchments hence most water currents sadly drive the commodity to the red sea.

Once again, we remind our readers that the situation is grim and Hargeisa water bowsers may sooner, rather than later, hike the commodity.

Already the donkey-carted water barrels (of 200ltrs) go for as high as 15000 sl/sh (2USD).

We should redefine our water resources and distribution policies to cutter for the security of water in the future.

As the President has moved swiftly within a week after his official sounded their horns is very wonderful. International and local NGOs, entrepreneurs and any other benefactors should follow suit and eke into the worthwhile charity.



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