Somaliland:Warancade Warns FGS against Meddling in SL Internal Affairs


PIC_1318By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hon Ali Mohamed Warancade , the Minister of Interior speaking to reporters during a press conference held in his office today condemned in the strongest terms the recent killing of two security officers in Borame, Awdal region.

The interior Minister lauded residents of Borame for assisting security forces in leading to the arrest of the perpetrators of the heinous crime and at the same time sending condolences to the families of the fallen police officers.

Hon Warancade also on behalf of the people of Somaliland thanked the government of Ethiopia and the President of the Somali region of Ethiopia for their assistance in helping the government of Somaliland to apprehend the culprits inside Ethiopia.

He added, “Both nations are committed to enhance existing cooperation on matters regarding security and Border. Somaliland and Ethiopian brotherly relations must persist for the interest of both countries.

“The relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia is based on people to people relationship and the free movement of people and trade as well as safe guarding and securing the security of the two countries which is always priority number one for both countries. It must be enhanced and maintained all the time”, he said.

The Minister of Interior further stated, “The people who were detained in connection with the recent attack in Borame will be arraigned in courts soon as investigations are completed.

On the other hand, the minister added, “It has come to our knowledge some elements in the federal government of Somalia have being supporting the Sultan Wabar group in attempts to undermine Somaliland sovereignty.

“I, would like to warn those who want to sow the seeds of hatred wherever they’re based, whether here or abroad they won’t succeed because the people of Somaliland are united and my message to those anarchist is that the government of Somaliland is ready to defend its borders and the lives of citizens at all times”, he said.


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