Somaliland:WADDANI Accuses Government of doing nothing as SFG fails to Honor Previous Agreements on Joint Air Control


DSCN7540By Staff

Top WADDANI officials today in a press conference held at their party headquarters strongly condemned the government of Somaliland for surrendering the country‘s airspace and has being misleading the people of Somaliland for quite a long time and its very shameful and sad to see this cabinet ministers standing in front of cameras making false statement to the public as you have seen they usually tell us their point of view, even if that statement is far from the truth.

The vice chairman of WADDANI Mr. Uru cade speaking at the press conference said ,  “When Somaliland ministerial delegation landed at Berbera airport last year, they made a press conference. They told us, we got back Somaliland airspace and that is a victory. That statement demonstrated lack of informed judgment and failures.

DSCN7547Another WADDANI official whose name is Dr. fadal at the press conference said, “To speak the truth Somaliland never had control over their airspace in the first place. It has been all long been controlled by Cacas and ICAO. Secondly, what is agreed upon is to transfer Air traffic control center called Mogadishu center to Hargeisa. As far as UN concerned nothing changed. UN recognizes only Somalia and Somaliland government has done little to change this in past.

“Its fact Mogadishu center which is now located in Nairobi controls the outer space of Somaliland and Somalia. It has been using Somalia code and it will be using it where ever the center is located and which now seems to be in Aden Cadde airport in Mogadishu,” he said..

Dr. Fadal went on to say, “It looks like Somalia delegation out smarted Somaliland delegation on this issue or Somaliland officials were collaborating with SFG. You see Somalia was always desperate to set its foot on Somaliland affairs and this time they succeeded.

Before we were told that two committees will control the most important part of airport functions, the ATC, ground based communication system and the fee from the planes and by judging by the words said by SFG Transport minister all this is irrelevant because it’s now clear that ICAO and the UN have transferred the control of Somaliland airspace to Mogadishu.




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