Somaliland:USA based SL Diaspora Community and SLDA Plan to establish a National Hearing and Visual Disability Boarding School and TVET Center in Hargeisa


The Somaliland Community in America and the Somaliland Diaspora Agency have jointly agreed to establish a National Hearing and Visual Disability Boarding School with a TVET Center in Hargeisa for the concerned youth and children of Somaliland.

Engineered by the Somaliland Diaspora Agency in cooperation with Somalilanders in the USA, this project is one of a kind in Somaliland for the local community.  This is to enhance the level of education for the hearing and visually impaired youth in Somaliland through the provision of structured education and advocacy skills and rights for Somalilanders with disabilities.

The intervention is expected to benefit the local deaf and blind youth as well as their dependents and family members and it equally aims to promote an inclusive education.

A Task Force Committee including Eng Faisal Ali Warabe, Chairman of UCID Political Party, and Diaspora Activists in different states have been appointed this week in Washington DC to lead the initiative. Jamaal Yusuf Daroor, Chairman of Somaliland Communities in America is the Project’s Focal Point.

Knowing the situation and the national priorities of all the essential sectors in the country, SLDA also in consultation with respective public institutions and beneficiary communities has solicited funding for different projects to different Somaliland Diaspora communities abroad. The esteemed Somaliland-US Community mad a high commitment and pledged to sponsor and fund the proposed project.

If you would like to help and want to be part of the history in the making, look for more information in the coming months from /

The Somaliland Community in America based in Washington DC is a nonprofit organization with 501-c3 and any contributions you make will be tax deductable.


Released by the Somaliland-American Community

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