Somaliland:Untenable and Unholy Tribally Inclined Alliances will not Pay; Not Now Not Ever


amGoing by the unfolding of the latest tribal-politicking that made headlines by the Somaliland government owned Somali language paper “Dawan” yesterday, the clannish-egotistical constriction of the democratic processes should not be allowed to see the light of the day in Somaliland.

Truly, and rightly argued by the author of the report, it is not only uncommonsensical to dissolve the two official opposition parties and make on unholy alliance to whip up tribal Magado whims in Wadani; but, indeed, it is tantamount to kill democracy in Somaliland plunge the country into the mideavial barbaric tribal politics.

Seriously speaking, no sound man or woman who professes Somaliland patriotism can even lend an ear to such horrible thoughts and dreams.

It is quite shocking to read big names in SL’s ‘who is who’ political field that are indulged in such devilish thoughts.

What is Magadoism and what is its opposite? Why bring such ‘isms’ now?

We hope and believe that the trend supposed will surely and definitely flop hence be doomed as it surely must hence ought to. Unholy tribal alliances in the name of politics at such magnitude will reach nowhere. This is an abuse to the peoples of Awdal, Sool, Saraar and Selal.

We do not know any Magadoism (or is it Magadleism) at all.

What we know is Somaliland; nothing more, nothing less.

The said tribalism adherents should know quite well that a small clan can not win an election in this age and century by bearing the communal flag.

Similarly, to short-change, or short-charge democracy using an unknown umbrella name to stir tribal emotions will NOT reach anywhere.

If this is the extent that people may go in order to seek power, then owe unto them!

On the same note, the report which comes hot over the heels of another perturbing politicking in UCID, sounds a stern warning which cautions all Somalilanders as to what is on the offing.

As to the UCID factor, we believe that the party should take to court the paper that they felt provoke and undermined them for it is the logical thing to do.

Following the local Somali language paper that purported the party’s flag-bearer to be the country’s FM, UCID furiously said that they would form a task force to delve into the paper’s operations!

If the report was libelous as it simply was, why don’t they address it through the legal channels?

Or is there something more to it than meets the eyes which we cannot fathom or palpate?

Whatever the case, and all in a nutshell, it is incumbent upon all of its to steadfastly defend our essence of being.

We know how tribalism hurts, destroys, destructs, crusher or totally dissolves the fabrics of any civilized society. By the way, most of us have never heard the word Magadoism used ever in our whole lives.

We respect and revere the Magadle community in East of the country and no one should bring their name after all these centuries into disrepute.


  1. The current president is the one who spear headed the tribal politics, Look at his cabinet the most talked about ministers who have broken the law and committed corruption are Minister’s for Presidency, Mineral and aviation. All from his sub clan. The president has failed to deal with them despite amble prove of their deeds.The kulmiye party was a coalition of two clans but since he assume power it seems the president only trust his own, that’s why he has failed to deal with this ministers. It is hypocritical for Somaliland press or the government ministers to cry foul now about tribal politics. Politics is about coalition whether in government or parties. President Sillanyo and his kulmiye party has lost one part of the coalition that brought it to power, by the way they dealt with muse bixi since sillanyo assumed the presidency on 27 July 2010, as the country gears up for next elections alliances will be formed and broken this is how democracy works so Somaliland press get use to it.

  2. Is this an Editorial? Really? Gosh geela baarqabkiisii durduruayay aarankiisa maxaad ka eegi? I was haranguing posters and commentors about the use of balanced and temperate language and guess what? Here comes an Editorial no less that is well, not very temperate.
    On the substanative matter of Shir beeleed, I fundamentally agree with the Editorial. we must move on from Shir Beeleeds and Loya Jirgas. We must move into the ear of multi-clan and un-clan party politics. There is hope that democracy will work its magic anyway and as clan alliances form and reform, clan influnces will eventually fade but Shir Beeleds dont help the process.


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