Somaliland:University of Hargeisa triumphs in Trademark Suit over Hargeisa International University




By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa- The first ever trademark infringement suit in the country pitting the University of Hargeisa and Hargeisa International University came to an end this week after one of the parties in the case conceded by agreeing to modifications by changing the name.

The trademark infringement suit which was filed nearly two weeks ago was due to the effect of likelihood of confusion on the part of the argument presented to the court by lawyers of the University of Hargeisa (UoH) against newly inaugurated Hargeisa International University which is owned by Dr. Abdi Gaas , the former chancellor of University of Hargeisa (UoH).

The second deliberations in the case which was due to beginning earlier in the week took another turn when Dr. Abdi Gaas , the owner and founder of Hargeisa International University decided settle the matter out of the courts by change the name of the privately higher leaning institution from Hargeisa International University , the trademark of contention to a more unique trademark Maroodi Jeh University.

Somaliland High court Justice Prof. Aden Haji Ali Ahmed last week ordered SL courts to start hearing cases involving intellectual property Crime and infringement.

The Likelihood of confusion usually is the central issue in trademark infringement lawsuit. A civil suit can be filed to prevent likelihood of confusion.


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