Somaliland:UN-HABITAT and National Urban Planning Committee Jointly Launch SL Urban Planning Manual


UnhabitatBy Goth Mohamed Goth

UN-HABITAT and the Somaliland National Urban Planning Committee have jointly launched a detailed booklet level of policy and legal frameworks supporting decentralized service delivery in Somaliland, the focus has been on the implementation of the decentralization policies and roadmaps adopted in 2014 during a function held in a Hargeisa Hotel.

DSC05703-1024x683Ms. Nacima Faysal Mahmoud, UN-HABITAT representative speaking during the launching of the book said, “This planning manual, which is targeted at planners and technicians in Somaliland explains basic urban planning and details six crucial steps in the urban planning cycle.

“The Urban Planning Manual for Somaliland defines what plans are and details the basic procedural steps for making a plan. The annexes provide basic data collection formats and mapping tips for undertaking a study. The book also elaborates on the participatory process and the techniques to be used,’ she added.

Mr. Liban Yusuf Osman, speaking on behalf of Land Urbanization and management institute said, “Today we gather here for the approval and at the same time the launching of The Urban Planning Manual for Somaliland defines what plans are and details the basic procedural steps for making a plan which has all of us gathered here today have contributed so much.

Somaliland Minister of Public works and Transportation Hon Ali Hassan Mohamed “Ali Marehan” speaking during the occasion said, “The Urban Planning Manual for Somaliland is a vital document to the nation at large and the establishment of legal and institutional frameworks for urban planning, and improvement of basic services and infrastructure in our towns hence the main focus areas to development in the country.

“The Ministry of Public Works, Housing, and Transport has been working closely with UN-HABITAT in the areas of land law and policy, urban planning, and urban regulatory frameworks, especially since 2008. With the assistance of UN-HABITAT, the ministry has worked to establish the Land and Urban Management Institute which constitutes of 7 ministries, which is endorsed by Law No. 17/2001 and is currently being implemented under the UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery for Somaliland,”.

Ms. Asha Mohamed Ahmed, speaking on behalf of the UN-Habitat said, “Its crucial for us gathered here today to jointly approve The Urban Planning Manual in order to have an agreed and adopted statement of policy – in the form of text, maps, and graphics – used to guide future development (private and public) towards a desired future and at the same time so that we can address issues at different levels (local, regional, national) and consider different spatial coverage accordingly.

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