Somaliland:Turkey is committed to facilitating the New Round of Talks -Hersi



By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister in charge of Presidential Affairs Hon Hersi Ali Haji Hassan speaking to the media moments after arriving in the country after a brief visit to Turkey where he and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation had spent a good part of last week as part of the secretariat team composed of officials representing Somaliland and Somalia to discuss ways restart the stalled talks.

Hon Hersi, “During our visit we discussed the upcoming agenda and both sides have reached a consensus for the need to form a committee composed of representatives of Somaliland, Somalia and Turkey which will be tasked with the facilitations and carving out of the agendas of all future talk and

The Minister of Presidency said, “All in all, our visit was a success and that the government of Turkey is committed to the dialogue process, which we hope will resolve future relations with the country of Somalia. Somaliland thanks the Turkish government for their crucial role in promoting and supporting the talks.

Hon Hersi concluded by stating, “We expect to benefit immensely from these new round of talks ,our position is clear on matters pertaining the talks which is to find ways to foster close collaboration on issues of mutual interest with our neighbor as two distinct and different nations ‘which I believe is in our best interest, and does not diminish or damage our self-determination or sovereignty in anyway whatsoever.






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