Somaliland:Top WADDANI Officials Quit in Protest



By Goth Mohamed Goth

Three top WADDANI officials have today resigned from their posts in protest of the opposition party leadership lack of political vision during a press conference held in Hargeisa.

The outgoing WADDANI officials claimed that their decision to quit the party was prompted by the disappointment on the part of the party’s leadership to take decisive actions in regard to Somaliland government failure to honor the deal reached by the government and opposition political organizations meant to resolve and find a solution on the outstanding issues on the timeline of the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary.

Mr. Riyo Raac , WADDANIS Secretary of planning speaking during the press conference said , “Today, I would like to inform both members and supporters of WADAANI of our decision to quit the posts we held in the party and at the same time renouncing party’s membership due to differences with party’s leadership on many outstanding issues .

“Our conscious does permit us to be members of an opposition which works in complicity with the current government to delay the upcoming elections and that’s why we cannot tolerate to pretend as if things are normal while they aren’t,” Mr. Riyo Raac stated.

Mr. Mustafa Qodah , WADDANI’s Secretary for Internal Affairs on his part had this to say, “The three of us here today , announce our decision to resign from our posts we previously held in the party and also at the same time renounce our memberships in WADDANI , and I quote , our decision to quit the party wasn’t a collective one but out of derived of personal convictions.

The outgoing WADDANI’s Secretary for Internal Affairs added, “We have decided that we cannot be part and a parcel of a clique which misleads the public , our decision to quit came about after we realized WADDANI leadership was working in complicity with the current government to extend the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections timeline hence the lack of capability as WADDANI officials to convince both party members and supporters alike party’s role as viable opposition political organization or just another government proxy.

Mr. Mahmoud Abdullah Ahmed, the recently appointed head of WADDANI’s youth wing said, “The party leadership had lost focus.

The chairman of WADDANI and the speaker of the national assembly Hon Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullah Cirro neither party spokesperson had commented on the matter at the time of reporting



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