Somaliland:Top SL Government Officials Meet with Kenyan FM


WEftiga iyo Wasiirka Kenya FinalBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Top Somaliland governmental and ruling party Unity and Development party(KULMIYE) officials currently on a working visit in Nairobi, Kenya have meet with Kenyan Foreign Minister and International Cooperation Ms. Amina Mohamed.

Somaliland Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minster Dr. Saad Ali Shire and Hon. Muse Bihi Abdi , the Chairman and Presidential candidature of the ruling party(KULMIYE) during the meeting with the Kenyan FM, issues of mutual concern were discussed.

The Key points which were High on the agenda during the meeting between the two sides were as follows:-

  1. To hence and promote the existing relationship between Somaliland and Kenya.
  2. To upgrade the current status of Republic of Somaliland liaison office in Nairobi to full Diplomatic status, in which the Kenyan government agreed.
  3. The Kenyan government will open an Embassy in Hargeisa in order to enhance communication, movement and strengthening trade between the two countries.
  4. Somaliland authorities discussed the Kenyan government to support the Republic of Somaliland quest for sovereignty and recognition by the international community to get.
  5. Somaliland delegation asked the Kenyan government to provide scholarships to students in Somaliland.
  6. The two sides also discussed ways in which both countries share know how, in Kenya would provide expertise in the areas of business, international banking system to ease investment and foreign trade and highs boosting agricultural production.
  7. Finally, Hon. Amina Mohamed , Kenyan Foreign Minister pledged to send high level Kenyan government delegation to attend the 25th anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Somaliland on 18 May 2016 after the visiting Somaliland government official extended the official Invitation.

All in all, the meetings between the two sides concluded in a brotherly and fruitful.

Signed By

Hon Hassan Mohamed Ali (Gaafaadhi)

Somaliland Unity and Development party (KULMIYE)Spokesperson


Telephone: +25263 4026659, +25263 4426677,

Sha’ab Area, Hargeisa,  Somaliland Republic.


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