Somaliland:Top Justice and Welfare Party Official Meets with Finnish Parliamentarian



By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Justice and Welfare Party “UCID” Treasurer Madam Fadumo Said this week in Helsinki the Finnish capital has meet with Ms.  Elisabeth Naucler a member of the Finnish parliament.

During their meeting this week the Justice and Welfare official discussed issues pertaining Somaliland democratization process, International recognition, development projects among many others with the Finnish legislator.

Ms. Elisabeth Naucler on her part said  ‘I am pleased with the strides made by the good people of Somaliland in the last two decades and that I assure you Finland looks forward to strengthen relations between the two nations and also pledged to lobby for Somaliland independence both in the Finnish and European parliaments.

On the other hand Madam Fadumo Said extended an invitation to the Finnish parliamentarian to come and visit Somaliland so as to see for herself the on firsthand basis the many achievements in terms of peace and development in which Ms. Elisabeth Naucler wholeheartedly accepted to visit the country.


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