Somaliland:Today is not yesterday and yesterday is not today

abokorI used to love to sit and listen to the Somaliland old people talking about yesterday and still I love that. Because there’s a lot of good information there. But today is not yesterday and yesterday is not today unfortunate our old people and our parent doesn’t believe the difference between yesterday and today? Today is the same as yesterday, but yesterday is not today, yesterday I was a child. But Today I’m a boy. If I’ll live tomorrow I’ll probably be a man, but most Somali parent believes their children are their property like assets they never believe you have brain and you can make new things in life but they know you’re their daughter and their son unfortunate they will trust you and also they will listen you when you make money that is way we love money and mostly we try make money legal or illegal way because our parent love’s money, Mr. old men or our parent or wise men or Somaliland elder’ don’t you know Every day is a new opportunity, most of Somali elders believes one of the Somali saying says (all men was before this men and all talk was say before) but I believe that was not really saying (today is reality and yesterday is history)

I never think of yesterday because can’t do anything about it, but today is the only day that I can do something because yesterday is gone maybe it was good or maybe it so dirty day anyway that day is over , think about tomorrow, don’t worry about yesterday (Yesterday was today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream) I am talking to the Somaliland generation of day , trust me brother you are human being and our old men was a human being if they did something yesterday, why you don’t do something today, I know our parent and elders insult our personalities but don’t listen them. Listen to me brothers and sisters you can do something new to us, because your opportunist and your new world is better than yesterday if you trust the chance of infant of you,

Do not afraid of tomorrow, because you have seen yesterday and you have to love today, if you worry about tomorrow, you are not the planner, only Allah plan everything (Allah is planner of every second of your life don’t you know that)

Think about that you can live forever and you will die tomorrow, it isn’t big deal that you can make your own plan, it’s not hard that you have long term plan and short term plan, it’s better to know that you can design your plan, but only Allah can make success full plan, never give up if you don’t reach your plan, the best way of success is patient don’t you know that brothers and sisters,

It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow. Brother it’s easy that you can fell down in life but its pool shit if you don’t trust that you can stand up (If you fell down yesterday stand up today) it’s the rules of life you can fell down million times but only successful people trust to fell down and then stand up billion times that is the only way of success, I know Yesterday was my history, tomorrow is my future, today is Allah’s gift, that’s why we call it the present, I thank you for time to read what I have to written.

Abokor Omar Osman

26 june Goljano



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