Somaliland:The Second FiiriBandhigga Exhibition set to Attract Global Entrepreneurs


1932449_1514696242119798_8945787410489646390_nFiiri Bandhigga is a yearly exhibition, which brings together young and established, as well as aspiring Somali entrepreneurs from across Europe and North America. Last year’s inaugural event attracted over 350 attendees and showcased 32 entrepreneurs from various industries including fashion, art, media, technology, and many more. Fiiri Bandhigga’s first edition was held in London on 21st September 2014.

On 28th February 2015, and back by popular demand, Asli Ciyow, CEO of Fiiri Bandhigga hosted its second event to bring The Wedding Edition! With over 300 attendees and 15 participating entrepreneurs, the second instalment received a welcome audience.

Initially, Fiiri Bandhigga aimed to create and connect a solid international network of Somali entrepreneurs, and to give them a platform to expand their businesses within their respective markets. Thus, allowing them to further their prospects locally as well as globally. Now, the network has grown tremendously and has noted interest from other parts of the world from Australia, Kenya, Egypt, and more. Within a few months, Fiiri Bandhigga has become its own entrepreneurial community full of smart and ambitious individuals.

By re-uniting business leaders from all fields under the same roof, Fiiri Bandhigga, is providing Somali entrepreneurs with the possibility of expanding their businesses in the UK (home to the first two Fiiri Bandhigga editions) and internationally.

Additionally, the future exhibitions will aim to enhance the image of the Somali Diaspora by casting a brand of young, active and creative Somalis, fully participating in the globalised world.

Fiiri Bandhigga invites you along to this journey of discovery and growth.

Fiiri Bandhigga in numbers:

– 2 exhibitions to date  21.09.2014 / 28.02.2015 (both in London)

– Next convention: Minneapolis / September 2015


– Target audience: 700+ visitors

– Current entrepreneurs:  63 in total



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For more information, photos and videos about Fiiri Bandhigga and past events, visit our website and social media sites:


Bar-Baarta Show – Universal TV


BBC News World




Below are three entrepreneurs’ pages (from the 32 selected) of the printed catalogue that was made for the 1st convention.

An online catalogue will be made for Fiiri Bandhigga: The Wedding Edition!

DP---Fiiri_Bandhiga_Ali_Fatima DP---Fiiri_Bandhiga_Ali_Raschid DP---Fiiri_Bandhiga_Gulied_Fatima


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