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Published On: Wed, Jul 29th, 2015

Somaliland:The recent Supreme Court Ruling was a Judicial triumph

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It is not only impressive that the Supreme Court dared to rule against the government, but also opposition initiating an administrative case, as if they had seen the scores in the cards. This ruling of the court which had shielded opposition’s right to assemble from the measures imposed by Waran-ade, is a success that has gone far beyond the cheering politicians. More ever, it was trumpeted as a beacon of hope for the protection of constitutional rights of Somaliland citizens.

I would say, Prof Adam Haji Ali, the newly appointed chief of justice, had pushed many names out of the headlines this week. Although, previously, public does not pay a great deal of attention to the business of the Supreme court, but as result of this judicial surprise, Somalilanders tend to hold meaningful opinion on every issue that will appear on the court’s docket.
Along with this public knee-jerk, chief of justice got the impulse to build a close relationship with the public media. The recent activities launched by the Supreme Court were not left under the cloak of darkness as it was common, but rather addressed them to the mass media audience. Previously, it is known that media pressure was used against courts. All Judges are well aware that criticism from unsuccessful parties, parties, interest groups, or campaigning newspaper that had followed any decision of their in a matters of high public interest.

Despite the fact that waves of critics have been growing upon judiciary, even worse, it lacks a voice in the public debate. Because, it is strongly believed that judges should only communicate through its decisions. Is this right, even if the media misinforms the public?

It is not fair on judiciary to be turned in to struck-dumb like a mystery guest, while other government branches continue to mirror their development through the press. Likewise, judiciary administration should not have underestimated the right of the public to know about the judicial process. For this reason, there should be a judiciary spokesperson, who will instruct the press in law. This spokesperson may follow and react to media through websites and other social media.


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