Somaliland:The Prospects of resumption of talks between SL/Somalia


flagBy Abdurrahman Omar Hussein

From here direct talks geared towards fostering intimacy and trust within the two groups with the very disparate stance.

The internationally endorsed Somaliland-Somalia  talks suffered major setback after the delegation of Somaliland rejected to sit with their counterparts from Somalia due to inclusion of members originally hail from Somaliland to the Somali delegation which was a breaching to the memorandums already agreed upon and signed by both sides during the early phases of their talks. delegations mainly in the form of technical committees representing the two countries had their first meeting in more than two decades at Chevening House in London between 20- 21June 2012.  The talks which ensued in  pursuit fulfilling the February 2012 declarations  of the international London conference on Somalia that urged both Somaliland and Somalia to engage face to face dialogue to resolve the long standing issues between the two countries in a peaceful manner, have introduced an eight-article declaration given the name of ‘CHEVENING HOUSE DECLARATION’.

From here direct talks geared towards fostering intimacy and trust within the two groups with the very disparate stance. One side is the Somaliland that has unilaterally declared independence from Somalia in 1991 and belief that the sovereignty of Somaliland is non- negotiable where Somalia still so adamant to unity of Somaliland.  According to the international community and the well-wishers among the Somalis the talks were likely to create an atmosphere of friendship and trust, but Somali is always weighing down the process of the talks. It is the Somali Federal Government in Moqdishu that continuously violating the points unanimously agreed upon by the two sides at the attendance of the facilitating teams. First the Federal Government of Somalia has deliberately infringed on the agreement of the Somali Airspace, second it incite violence and unrest in Somaliland through funneling fund and ammunition to individuals warlords whose aim is to disturb the peace and the security Somaliland. Third, the Somali Federal government selected roughly 70% of the Somali delegation for members originally emanate from Somaliland which is a complete contravention of the crucial points agreed upon by the two sides.

Thus, this is a clear indication that the Somali Federal Government is not committed to promote the only insight hope that the Somalis have in decades but the government of Somaliland pledges to feel obliged to preserve the articles accepted by both Somaliland and Somalia. Somaliland’s position from the talks is always clear and is on the table: the sovereignty of Somaliland in not open to discussion, but relationship with Somalia as a neighboring and affectionate state is agreeable.

Recently, there some calls from Somaliland and from Somalia for the resumption of the complicated talks between the two countries. But in order for the future talks to be successful and avoid from further deadlocks, the international community have to hold the Somali Federal government accountable for the complication of the talks and the lack of implementation of the previously agreed points.  If not ‘I JIID AAN KU JIIDEE WAA QACMO DAALIS’

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