Somaliland:The Proportion of female workers employed as casual hands on the increase country wide



By Goth Mohamed Goth

Over the years, there has been casualisation of the labourforce with proportion of female workers employed as casual labours increasing and one place that is evident is in the town Borame the capital of Awdal region of Somaliland which has in recent times seen an increase in the number of female laborers seen employed as workers at construction sites replacing males in what would otherwise be male reserved jobs.

More women than ever are now more than ever before assuming the role of the main breadwinners in their families especially in Somaliland were an increasing number of families need two earners simply to make ends meet due to the rising cost of living in the country.

Many of these female workers are on seasonal contracts or work casually, and as such have few rights, little security and most of the time face discrimination. Women casual workers are often low paid with most being young single mothers with very little community support or forced to fend for their families after replacing men as the bread winners in the family.

With no Program to support Women’s Pre-Employment , young mothers with young children who have little or no work experience but are ready to enter the work force seek jobs which does not require special skills or experience but if they manage to find one they still face significant barriers to entering and remaining in work. These include a lack of flexible work opportunities.

The plight of these women urgently needs to be addressed with the inclusion of like-Minded stakeholders in order to protect the environment by creating awareness among women workers through a desirable education process.

It’s the duty of both the current government and civil societies to protect and promote the realization of women labour/human rights and also to come up with policies which will improve the live hood of those marginalized women workers by establishing linkages with relevant stakeholders for social legal & economic support mechanism for women workers to enable a decent living.



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