Somaliland:The President’s hands on the job win Praises


DSC_0004The trend the President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed Silanyo has embarked on over the past month having hands on the job is quite heartwarming.

Deviating from his past, the President has been requiring top government institutional heads to personally furnish him with details of what was going on in their back yards.

Contrary to what distracters have been on and off shouting, the Head of State have confirmed that he was always privy to what was going on.

Again, contrary to what the critiques say, the President was always in grasp with the national duties. His tactics was never off hands.

Having been a practical and pragmatic executive cum politician, his long public record speaks for itself.

He wants to make sure that the people are served well. He has all the rights of striving towards leaving the best ever possible legacy left behind by any leader.

Hot on the heels of the meetings with the information department, all ministers and their CEOs, the interior and NEC officials, that of the aviation, we see him grilling the educationists.

The people of the country have spoken about him and well on the issue amongst themselves whenever they see the news on this trend. Listening to many conversations reveal applauds to the president in and at every social meeting point.

They want the President to keep it up and have his officials scrutinized properly for the good of the nation.

This is a precedent not hitherto seen in the history of this country.

In fact, it is one of the so many unprecedented popular trends of firsts that the President have embarked on that his predecessors never did.

Keep up, Your Excellency, is the call of the members of the public.


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