Somaliland:The pillars on which the foundation of this nation stands on cannot be shaken by a clique of anarchist led be warmonger Ali Khalif Galaydh – Hersi


DSC00832By Goth Mohamed Goth


The pillars on which the foundation this nation stands on cannot be shaken by a clique of anarchist led be warmonger Ali Khalif Galaydh those were the words of the Presidential affairs ministers Hon Hirsi Hassan Haji Ali during dinner party hosted by the Presidency in honor of Somaliland citizens living in the diaspora currently visting the country


The Presidential affairs minister addressing the members of the Somaliland diaspora recokned the mportant role which the diaspora play in terms of the lobbying for the country’s recognition in their countries of residence and again through the support they extend to the country in form of much needed financial countribution which is vital in making the country progress through the intiation of much needed development projects.


Hon Hirsi went on to say the strong pillars which the foundation of this country stands on can’t be shaken by a group of anarchist who is only aim is to create havoc and mayhem.


The Presidential affairs addressing the event went on to say Today , what the people of Haysimo need is developpment project which will impove their livelihoohds and not conflict”. I would like to urge Ali Khalif Galaydh to mend his ways before its to late because we shall all be judged by histroy one time or the other.


I would like to use this opportunity to send an passionate for your solid and continuaus support found the national road building campaign of which as you are aware of needs your moral support for it to be realized.


Mr. Ali Khalif Galaydh is know for preaching harted and advocating for war and destruction has never even once iniatated any development project and that is his legacy.


On the other hand I would like thank all for your previuos contributions you made towards the road building campaign and i hope shall continue to support the roads campign and for those of you who earlier plegded to donate and havent done so yet already we are waiting for your donations.



The ongoing construction of the Burao – Erigavo now needs your support now thn never before for it to be completed.

I would like to thank your all once and also welcome your to your country.I hope you shall all enjoy your stay here.



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