Somaliland:The Need for Changes


Hargeisa Somaliland- As the summer draws to a close, all the fun and excitement show signs of diminution. The diaspora community start backing up and resuming their lives in their adopted countries. The flow of money- which creates all the fuzzdecreases as the holidays worn-out. Few luxury cars populate the streets. For the locals, schools are re-opened. And the old return their business and professional life.Normal life returns.

Few things still remain. The numerous cafes that have opened up recently are still operational. They might reduce their offering but they are still cashing on an increasingly forward-looking teenagers. Teenagers no longer sit and converse in tea shops. These are things of the past- they will readily observe. Cappuccino replaces the traditional Somali tea. They have developed an eclectically international taste.

Restaurants and hotels spring up continuously across the country. Locals cluster around lavish meals in these hotels to showcase their taste. The offerings range from every type of drink to milkshakes. These developments are inextricably linked to Somaliland development. Four decades of peace and stability convinced many Somalilanders that their investment is worth the risk. Many people in the diaspora decided to permanently move home and start bussiness. And they are reaping their fruits.

These positive developments, however, exist in context. Somaliland’s context.To be sure, the peace and stability abetted these developments but there remains other institutional challenges. Somalilanders could barely access international aid or other funding from outsider. They have to rely solely on their money and toil. As things stand, the people of Somaliland are careening their way towards modernity.


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