Somaliland:The Nation Infrastructure Plan

Cars clog a main road in Hargeisa, capital of the breakaway region of Somaliland. Photograph: Shashank Bengali/Getty Images
Cars clog a main road in Hargeisa, capital of the breakaway region of Somaliland. Photograph: Shashank Bengali/Getty Images
Cars clog a main road in Hargeisa, capital of the breakaway region of Somaliland. Photograph: Shashank Bengali/Getty Images
Cars clog a main road in Hargeisa, capital of the breakaway region of Somaliland. Photograph: Shashank Bengali/Getty Images

I would like to make proposals in the following areas. I hope the current governing and the opposition parties to pay attention to it and consider putting it as a whole in their election platform.

These ideas are not political and will not benefit any individual or a party they are ideas for the improvement of the whole country they an government in running the country. I hope they will be seen as step forward. All the following proposals need legislation through the cabinet and the parliament. In regard to the natural resources exploitation should be table at cabinet level and if approved in part or whole must submitted to the parliament for final approval after discussions and final approval. In the area of industry and manufacturing the plan should be feted and in cabinet level and approved and then submitted to the parliament for final approval and after discussions and amendments if necessary should be approved. Contracts should be awarded to best bidder regardless of region affiliation or interest groups. We should not only look transparent and accountable but we must insist on it.

That is the only way we can create unity cohesiveness and fairness in the running of government and equitable sharing of resources and employment opportunities.

Energy Infrastructure Plan


Energy is one of the most important elements in the development of any government. It is the engine that drives the development of communication, industries and small business. Without energy most of the developments will not progress or grow.

In the case of Somaliland we do not have hydroelectric resources but we are lucky to have Ethiopia as our friendly neighbor. The hydroelectric of Ethiopia is now at our border right now and all we have to do is negotiate with the government of Ethiopia. The transmission line is already in Togwajaleh.

Our other neighbor has already taken advantage of Ethiopia hydroelectric power. They import about 80 megawatt of power. I am sure we need more than that Ethiopia is willing to abide.

In addition to that Obama administration has allocated 7 billion dollars for Africa energy plan which we should take advantage of and apply to be included in that program. In the same token we should develop our own energy renewable resource such wind and solar. If we in future find fossil fuel or coal deposits we should consider in our energy infrastructure plan. Let us not forget that we are one the most expensive countries per watt electric power in Africa. The little power we generate locally now is from diesel fuel which is imported and expensive.


Water Infrastructure Plan


Even though we do not have rivers or lakes for water resources we have underground water resources which are adequate if we exploit it responsibly. The meager amount of rain fall we get annually should

be managed and exploited without affecting the environment. The dry river beds should dammed so the scares we get does not follow to the sea. The water resources either from damming or from aquifer should not be used irrigation it should be only be used for drinking water for animals and human being in dry season. We should sure aquifer are not depleted otherwise this could lead to environmental disaster. If the aquifer is exploited without rebleshment it could cause the caving in of the surface soil with catastrophic consequences.

Transportation Infrastructure Plan


We have already a major head way in terms of transportation. Transportation is vital for delivery of goods and services. It is not only important to connect the main urban areas. The rural areas must also be put into broader scheme of things. It is rural areas where our main creator of our export industry such animal live stock. It is important to connect to rural areas if we want to develop our health and education programs.

We should develop road and bridge maintenance program to look after our investments.

A railway link between our main port and our neighbor Ethiopia is absolutely must if we can secure funding. A pipe line is also desirable if we can manage to a refinery in port Berbera to supply Ethiopia with oil or for our use if we are fortunate to find oil or natural gas in our terrtority.


Industry Infrastructure Plan


We do not any industry to speak of at the moment however the cement factory at Berbera should be restarted as soon as and squabble between different groups should settled amicably and fairly. We can afford to import cement from Ethiopia when we have enough cement at home. This project will create jobs for our unemployed youth and it will help us in infrastructure development programs such as building bridges brick manufacturing and concrete slaps for building high rises or residential buildings.


Manufacturing Infrastructure Plan


We do not also have manufacturing facilities to speak. We might have small local manufacturing such soft drinks, plastic bags and biscuits.

One area we could develop manufacturing enterprises is in the area of hides and skins, fisheries and animal meat instead of exporting live we export frozen meat and process the skin for leather industries.

We should be able to manufacture leather goods such as shoes, hand bags, leather jackets and use wool from sheep skin and camels to manufacture clothing and blankets. For the camel and cow hides we could manufacture leather sofas, chairs and office seats.

The side benefits are endless and once we start the opportunities could be limitless and we have to start somewhere and move on forward.


Mahmoud . I . Jama




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