Somaliland: The First Batch of this Year’s Hajj Pilgrims Depart For Mecca


dalloo airwaysBy Goth Mohamed Goth
The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport has announced the start of Hajj transport services for the Hajj pilgrims, who will travel to the Muslim holy land of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to fulfill their religious duty, September 12, 2014
The first batch of Somaliland Hajj pilgrims numbering at least 350 pilgrims yesterday flew out of the country headed to the holy city of Mecca on board Daallo Airlines and Jubba Airways at Egal International Airport.
The Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Hon Mahmoud Hashi Abdi speaking to the press said, “I happy to be present here this afternoon (Friday) to see the first batch of this year’s Hajj pilgrims numbering 350 pilgrims depart to the Holy city of Mecca and we (ministry of Aviation) will make sure everything comes to punctuality and reliability, the perform perfectly as they stick to their published schedule and timetable.
Daallo official speaking to the press “We are happy to offer this special chartered service to our fellow Somaliland/African Muslim community…As a truly indigenous Pan-African airline, we are also providing reliable Hajj charter services for many other African countries.
In addition to the regular flights, the carriers operate every year smooth Hajj flights to Jeddah to transport thousands of “Pilgrims” who are undertaking the Hajj. The airlines provide free Hajj services for the passengers heading to Makah including collecting passports from pilgrims to arrange visas, preparing travel cheques that can be cashed in Saudi Arabia, arranging accommodation for Hajji’s at Makah, Mina and Medina and giving out the white “Ihram” clothes. As a result of these additional services, Daallo Airlines and Jubba Airways have achieved a high degree of customer satisfaction and are now the most favored airlines nationwide.
Among these years pilgrims were local politician Dr. Abdi Gaboose who lauded the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport officials for availing good services to the departing pilgrims at the Egal International Airport, urging to continue the good work.


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