Somaliland:The Dismembered Remains of Unidentified woman found in a Dry Riverbed in selel Region


saylacBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Saylac-The dismembered remains of an unidentified  woman thought to have mauled by wild animal were found in a dry river bed located in between the village of Eel–gaal and the jidhi village in Selel region.

Mr. Ahmed Migil Ciil Tire a local councilor who contacted us said, “We found the badly decomposed body of the unidentified woman who we suspected to have died several days ago. The headless remains of the unidentified woman seemed to having being dismembered by a wild animal probably a hyena.

The remains of the deceased woman were buried yesterday in one of the public cemeteries in Hargeisa.

The people in that part of the country experience sweltering heat during the hot and dry summer season and death becomes inevitable especially when this rogued terrain is used by would be illegal immigrants from neighboring countries who try to sneak into Djibouti and who at times perish due to thirsty or attacks by wild animal.

On the other hand the regional town of saylac is said to be without running water for tenth straight days now with low income families suffering most but what is disturbing most is the lack of will on the part of both the regional and central government in addressing the issue.



  1. Is there no forensics that can be done to at least see if she fits any missing persons dna? or am I expecting too much


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