Somaliland:The Disgraceful U-turn Terminated Muse’s Reckless Adventure



By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

Bihi’s announcement of candidacy without any consultation with any of Super Awal elites, if any, ultimate spontaneous purchases of presidential suits from place as far as New York,
and ultimate unmanly concession from his lifelong dream of becoming president one day after Guurti gave him red card doesn’t add up at the all! Did he want only the alienation of the ruling party fans or his decision to end up in disgraceful failure for entire Super Awal? When he decided to take his mattress next to First Ladyyesterday, was he caring about his clannish political supporters that thrown their weight behind him and still think him enough man to maintain his position? Where will they go for voting in the next elections? Will they remain with the party that arrested their ministers, terrorized their suburbs, and humiliated their collection honor as Super Awal? Or will they shift to other opposition parties to revenge in their voting powers? Or will they continue licking the back of the president and heal their wounds sooner than later to take residuals? Only time will tell.
The president denying his right to run for the Gar-adag rented Palace was clean break for Muse rather living in fool’s paradise forever, now he knows that his chairmanship is in question and he has to protect from his rivals of the same ethnic who were told to stay to that level.
Muse Bihi’s ignominious retreat from candidacy was painful to anyone who thought Muse was politically mature and can challenge the president’s mighty force, there one clannish writer whose picture painted Muse as unrivalled statesman because he belongs to powerful tribe that runs Djibouti, Somalia, and Ethiopia! But when I saw the video posted to internet, Muse announcing his humiliating defeat in return for a song, I thought it was fake clip in the beginning! Was he that easy? I asked myself.
When Muse realized his fans are not tribally proud as those of Gar-adag, he gave in to Gar-adag’s version of the argument that only Gar-adagists have the right to declare the party’s presidential candidacy. But how can he claim to run the party when everyone including his deputy chairman Kahin who was acting as loyal to him but spying and threatening him to give up before his arrest?
Yesterday the president neither appreciated his quit nor mentioned his surrender but instead refused to take snapshot with him and give the funds to build the two water wells because the money for the wells had been taken by the arbitrators when he rejected to back off his ambition, the president told him. Muse lost both his ambition and money for the Barkadaha. How ambition he is! While the president won all the concessions he asked for with one fell swoop: the true chairman as well as the sole candidate for the party for life is him and Muse accepted the decision for a song. He didn’t want to withdraw the candidacy nor did anyone expect him to pull out of the race to “Finance House”.
Many observers think that Muse has the intellectual ability to convince his Super Awal to follow the party because again the president told him another fairytale that says he’ll give the party to Super Awal when the next term ends in return to vote him third time. Super Awal has been carrying the president for past two terms when he failed and when he won, the total of 14 years, can they carry him for the next five or 7 years? Muse can buy the foolery but Super AwaL not. Look at this; the party licenses expire in every ten years, when he tries to take the party to Harshin to see what political partylooks like and begins to celebrate the victory, the party already dead and expired! The whole world knows that, the laymen know that but Muse doesn’t.
Every step Muse takes in his life, he dishonored his life and his entire clan, looking back, as Interior Minister; he insulted his maternal ethnic by saying his silly remarks. Now he tried to grab the power but again insulted his paternal ethnic by earning new title “the Shani players” for them. He is always in the wrong time and the wrong place. He is absolutely non-starter from day one, he often drops the ball.
In the party’s eyes from minor staff‘s to General Secretary’s to the president’s, “the legal owner” of the party, Muse Bihi is unwanted and casteless.
under the influence of love-philter he’ll announce love feast for disenchanted supporters to renew their loyalty to the party that destroyed the country and hurt their collective conscience and finally he’ll say what happened to them was simply love bite and let bygones be bygones.
But Silanyo and Salebaan, and Kahin will keep party strategies secret and mislead him if he tries to walk among them. Kulmiye Party only for those who belong to the ruler’s ethnic. However; people set a mark upon Muse for he met “ …. tragic failure which found no sacred poet and sank unwept into oblivion” of the worst kind unmatched in Somaliland’s political history. And yet he decided to waltz with his bossy chairman “till Hell freezes”

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  1. This is not the kind of read you would expect to see a day ahead of Ramadan. The president and Muse don’t belong to different ethnic groups, btw, there is only one ethnic group in Somaliland called Somalilanders, perhaps you meant to say clan instead of ethnic.

    The rest is tabloid stuff and waste of time.

  2. God. SLP is still publishing this kind of second-grade drivel on its pages. What is disagraceful about the actions taken by Mr. Bihi anyway? Yes it was a mistake for him to challenge his sitting President but it is noble and honourable and courageous to admit mistake, change course and take steps to rectify the situation. And when it is done in the interests of the whole nation, it deserves recognition and reward not adolescent-like derision as this writer appears hellbent on doing.


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