Somaliland:TELESOM Group committed to saving the lives of Children living with Diabetes


IMG_1243By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa – (20.07.2016) – One of the main charities that TELESOM group of companies supports is Global Polyclinic center, Somaliland only Juvenile Diabetes hospital and the leading charitable organization and advocate of juvenile, or type 1, diabetes research in the country.

On Wednesday, TELESOM group of companies donated 10,000 US Dollars in cash, the sixth such donation over the years and over 150 children are now receiving free, counseling, including local sources, help provide adequate insulin and diabetes education for virtually all the known children and adolescents with diabetes in the country plus checkup equipment (testing machine) and access to drugs which are more vital than ever to combat this global epidemic, as well as providing innovative solutions and products for patient assistance programs worth $20,000 US Dollars over a period of 3 years to help them get the treatment they need.

Mr. Mohamed Abdi Darbo , head of TELESOM media and public relations speaking during the handing over ceremony of the second phase held at the Global Polyclinic in Hargeisa said, “TELESOM  Group of companies together with Global Polyclinic clinic has consistently being engaged with this project for over a period of three years , which funds sustain care for the neediest children in  all the regions of Somaliland.IMG_1241

TELESOM group of companies has made donations worth $20,000 US Dollars in cash since January to July, 2016.

The Director of Global Polyclinic Center Dr. Abdirisak Yusuf Abdullahi Ahdar speaking during the function thanked TELESOM group of companies for the continued support in helping the vulnerable persons in our society and also its commitment to build on its long tradition of philanthropy.

“I will like to use this opportunity to express my profound gratitude’s to  TELESOM group of companies for their generosity and the continued contributions to the Global Polyclinic Center, allowing this established diabetes care center to have an even greater impact on underserved children, an effort fostering care for 150 children drawn from all regions of the country.IMG_1236

Dr. Abdirisak Yusuf Abdullahi Ahdar in his address further raised the challenges faced by parents raising several diabetic children, by which he began stating, “Caring for several diabetic children is a challenge to most parents is expensive and many families struggle to meet their dietary needs due to financial constraints.

TELESOM group of companies has since 2013 diabetes and have continued each year since then and will for years to come. Diabetes is a lifelong disease that requires continued management which includes ongoing education, family support, finances and support.


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