Somaliland:Teleconference Invitation


300px-Flag_of_Somaliland_svgThe Organization of Somaliland Reform invites you to participate in teleconference on this Sunday, July 13, 2014.

California 12:00 PM (Noon)                            Minnesota          2:00 PM                Washington       3:00 PM

Somaliland   10:00 PM                                  Dubai                    11:00 PM             London                 8:00 PM


We invited two Somaliland members of parliament

1)      Mr. Ibrahim Mahdi Buuba.

2)      Mr. Ahmed Dualeh Bulaale.


Topics of discussions:


A)     Reforming Somaliland political parties.

B)      Completing the laws of parliament and Guurti Prior 2015 election

C)      Completing important laws such as: Banking Law, Petroleum/Mining Law, and Investment Law.


Please use the information below to join the teleconference.

USA     Phones: (855) 212-0212/(530) 881-1212

UK          Phone: 44 (0) 330 606 0530

You need Meeting ID (or Access code), please visit WWW.SLREFORM.ORG, then click JOIN US. Fill up the FORM, and I will E-mail the Meeting ID (or Access code).


If you have Smart phone or Tablet, you can download Startmeeting APP.





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