Somaliland:The Mission of the Technical committees was to Explore and Establish Parameters for future Multi-Sectored Partnerships -Bihi


ethio  sl flagBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Hon Mohamed Bihi Yonis briefing the press on the recently concluded two day meeting between the two nations technical committees in Dire Dawa said, “The two days meeting held this week in Dire Dawa between officials Somaliland and Ethiopia was mainly centered on security, Trade, investment, diplomacy and the movement of people between the two countries.

“The technical committees representing the both countries during the two day meeting in Dire Dawa aimed to strategize and to reach consensus on a number of proposed partnerships so as to explore and establish parameters for multi-sectored partnership between the two brotherly nations before the official signing of the final agreement by cabinet ministers from both countries which will take place in Addis Abba,” Bihi said.

Hon Bihi went on to say, “The two days talks in Dire Dawa was meant to lay the future foundations for a wider commitments on security and defense, trade and investment development between the two countries and once consensus is reached, a presidential delegation consisting the ministers of foreign affairs, finance, national planning, commerce, interior and defense final go to Addis Abba to sign the Agreement.

Somaliland Foreign Minister added, “Ethiopia is ready to further bolster its relations with Somaliland administration in the areas of trade, education, capacity building and port services and most importantly Ethiopia’s interest in fostering stronger relations with Somaliland based on mutual benefit.

Hon Mohamed Bihi Younis, lastly said ,“Somaliland and Ethiopia share cordial relations of which we are determined to not only sustain but enhance as well and that Somaliland was grateful the support it was getting from Ethiopia by underlined the long bilateral relationship between the two Horn of African states.

The current ongoing talks government said the talks mainly focused on issues on the table include security, trade, shared inter-border tax collection and use of Berbera port, which is currently, one of the few ports used by landlocked Ethiopia imports and exports outlet.


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