Somaliland:Swiss Government set to Enhance Diplomatic and Trade Relations-Swiss FM


DSC_0035By Goth Mohamed Goth

SomalilandPress-President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo today in his office met with the Switzerland Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mr. Yves Rossier and the Swiss Envoy to Kenya, Somalia and Somaliland Ambassador Dominik Langenbacher.

During today’s meeting between President Ahmed Mohamed Mahm oud Silanyo and the Swiss foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Yves Rossier and Ambassador Dominik Langenbacher held lengthy discussions in which they explored ways to enhance future bilateral relation between the Somaliland and Switzerland

The government of Switzerland is actively engaged in the horn region which Somaliland is part l, The Swiss foreign affairs Minister went on to say, “I would like to use this opportunity to commend the government of Somaliland for upholding the rule of law people of Somaliland for to the accomplishments made in the areas of security, democracy investment, rule of law, the fight against piracy and good governance”.

Considering the case of Somaliland I stressed on to H.E President Silanyo is based on its reputation that is based on the country’s reputation of holding free and fair election, freedom media, the safeguarding of human rights, free society and good governance which is defiantly the best in the region and that the international community is very much concerned with the current situation in Mogadishu and also in south and central Somalia , there were discussion in which we had with local leaders on ways which Somaliland can assist in stabilizing the situation in the region .

The Swiss Minister of Foreign Affair added, “We shall be visiting the various places including the port city of Berbera and Sheik to inspect the numerous development projects which the Swiss governments funds and he went on to reveal the Swiss government to promote trade between the two countries and that government of Switzerland had just decided to increase contribution to the world bank trust by $2Million which shall be used here in Somaliland.




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