Somaliland:Stop petty divisive politics, Duhul cautions Hashi


3b54dc7bcf022b08c8977c2b4ced9712_MBy M.A. Egge

Former finance minister Mr. Mohamed Hashi Elmi was cautioned to desist from petty, malicious and divisive politics by the Presidential spokesman Mr. Ahmed Suleiman Duhul.

In a scathing attack leveled at the politician Mr. Duhul expressed his laments that such an eminent personality should engage so much in trivialities tailored tribally to dismantle what has been painstakingly built.

Mr. Duhul likewise stated that the country’s constitution did not spell out any premiership post in SL.

He was responding to allegations peddled by Mr. Hashi that the Presidency Minister was “indeed a premier wrestling powers from colleagues”.

He said that when the politician was charged with running the country’s finances he had quipped that “President Silanyo’s administration was the best ever to have been established in the country and that another one surpassing it will never be realized again!”

Mr. Duhul wondered sadly how a person who expressed such a statement would all of a sudden parade himself in tribal fora fronting for whoever and whenever people with special interests coax or nudge him to!

The Presidential spokesman made it clear that the country did not belong to one clan or a certain tribe but to all Somalilanders.

He said that state officers visited all parts of the country to see to it that residents received social and infrastructural services such as health, education, roads, water, stability etc.

He gave an example of the recent top government ministers who visited Taleeh in Sool region as one of such obligations.

Mr. Duhul also made it clear that the Presidency had invited all official political parties to the recent 26th June eve function at the state house contrary to press reports.

Since Mr. Hashi was sacked as the finance minister he has never wasted any opportunity to criticize the government.

Mr. Duhul noted that people had rights to criticize but emphasis that they should be constructive ones and not irresponsibly as Mr. Hashi does.

He made it clear that the Head of State was chosen by the whole country in a landslide election result hence has elevated and immortalized the essence and structure of the SNM aspirations.

He drew parallel lines and reminded Mr. Hashi that he (Hashi) was the same person who got paltry votes of only two ayes in a past Presidential election against the late Egal; and that with every petty, divisive, malicious and tribal rhetoric he lashes, he only sought to dismantle everything achieved and putting his own SNM stature and personal integrity into disrepute. (Also see editorial)


  1. senior leader even raise the word tribe is a shame and uncivilized script.plse be shame of this word tribe only use ur esense of opinion and hide the word tribe.??shame to all .who enjected this bad behavior, it is very uncivilized behaviour to write in media the word Tribe/??

  2. if the engineer son and president apply 4 position and both of them join an eximantion 4 the position and if the president son get more points than the Engineer son, Is that Tribal nomanation or else??????

  3. Mr Hashi only knows one thing which is serving a few months in Mandheera prison as this prison sentence is party of his life and once realised from prison,he wil then be fine and quiet for sometime. It is like two people having a violent relationship and as we all know the violence dies out for a few months and reignites itself for the next 2 months. The other thing is that both married couple have adopted this cycle and unless support is given to them in stopping this cycle, one of them will be injured. Mr Hashi is exactly behaving the same way that couple with relationship issues and he is asking the govement to lock him up as this is the cycle that he get used to be in. Mr Hashi would not stop creating instability in the country unless the govement understands of his behaviour and the underlying issues regarding his behaviour.

    • yeey, first you are writing shit that nobody can read or understand, secondly it’ cheap crap that is not interesting. I could barely read lines. But tell me who can imprison the great man? Even though the gentleman is stranger to imprisonment since he is a Jihadist and not like any coward we know in Somaliland. He went to prison before because he knows says no when it comes to Somalilands national interests. Desist from making such comments, since you cannot scare champions with this cheap yawyaaw.


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