Somaliland:State warns Somalia against interfering in SL internal affairs

Somalia's new Prime Minister Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed (© 2009 AFP)

By Goth Mohamed Goth

The government Somaliland has issued a strong warning to the federal government of Somalia against continued provocation and interfering with Somaliland internal affairs.

Hon Ahmed Mohamed Nuur, the Deputy Minister of Commerce and International investment speaking to reporters in his office on Saturday said, “I, would like to warn those who want to sow the seeds of hatred wherever they’re based, whether here or abroad they won’t succeed because the people of Somaliland are united and my message to those anarchist;is that the government of Somaliland is ready to defend its borders and the lives of citizens at all times”, he said.

“We are aware of the federal government of Somalia plans to destabilise parts of Sanaag and Sool regions in a bid to short-circuit the ongoing Somaliland government and Khatuumo administration peace talks, “he said.

Deputy Minister of Commerce and International investment further added, “We know, the federal government of Somalia and the government of the semi-autonomous of Puntland have being heightening propaganda campaigns meant to recruit locals as fighting militia and also luring local leaders ahead of President Mohamed Abdillahi Farmajo proposed visit to Garowe.

Hon Ahmed Mohamed Nuur concluded by stating, “It’s a high time they should know the tribal boundaries do not determine the boundaries of nations of Somaliland is one and all their actions are doomed to failure and no matter what they do they should be aware that we will prevail and their wicked intentions won’t affect our peace and tranquillity in any way whatsoever. state has the right and duty to take necessary measures to confront the threats against the state and the people.




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