Somaliland:State to safeguard the security of Territories


Cabinet forms working committees

By Goth Mohamed Goth

In a high level cabinet meeting held on Thursday (11.01.2018) and chaired by the President H.E Muse Bihi Abdi , the and flanked by the Vice President H.E Abdurrahman Abdullahi Ismail (Seyli’i), several issues were discussed including the recent security developments in Sool region and the formation of several cabinet committees.

After lengthy deliberations the cabinet issued the following:-


The government of Somaliland shall secure and protect its borders at all times and shall at no time allow internal or external entities infringe upon its sovereignty.

The government of Somaliland would like to inform neighbouring countries and the international community that it’s committed to peace and co-existence in the region.

The cabinet fully supports and stands by the actions of the Somaliland Armed forces in securing the borders of the nation.

The cabinet supports fully the recent decision by both houses in regard to the ongoing situation in Sool region.

The cabinet committee on economics and development has assessed and issued its recommendation on the way forward on coordinating with international organization and at the same re-evaluated the jobs currently occupied by foreign nationals which can be replaced by local citizens.

Last but not the least the cabinet overwhelmingly agreed in favour of the formation of the cabinet sub committees


  1. The formation of Committee on Security which shall consist of 5 Ministries.
  2. The formation of committee on economic and development which shall consist of 9 Ministries.
  3. The formation of committee on social affairs which shall consist of 9 Ministries.
  4. The formation of committee on foreign affairs and international recognition which shall consist of 9 Ministries.               
  5. The formation of committee on Justice and the laws of the country which shall consist of 6 Ministries.

Some of the Ministries will be involved in several committees.


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