Somaliland:State Officials Parley Foreign Diplomats in Nairobi


1Nairobi– A high ranking government delegation led by the chairman of the ruling Party, Kulmiye and presidential candidate  Hon Muse Behi Abdi, the Foreign minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire, the Presidency minister Mohamoud Hashi and Somaliland’s representative to Kenya had taken in-depth parley with top USA diplomats in Nairobi including the US Deputy Ambassador to Somaliland and Somalia.

In his remarks, the chairman of Kulmiye as well as the presidential candidate Mussa Behi Abdi reviewed the current situation of Somaliland in terms of voter registration exercise, subsequent preparations for presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for 28 March next year.

Presidency Minister Hon. Mohamoud Hashi has issued a press statement in which he pointed out the main points discussed during the meeting. Mr Hashi stated that Somaliland and USA will bolster the bilateral relationship between the two nations. “We discussed many issues pertaining the presidential and parliamentary elections, voter registration exercise, Somalia/Somaliland talks. And finally we came to fruitful results,” said Mohamoud Hashi, Somaliland’s presidency minister.

On the other hand, the US diplomats stressed the indispensability to strengthen the deep-rooted relations between Somaliland and USA. The diplomats promised to continue this relationship. They also urged Somaliland to maintain the tranquility, the stability and vigilance.

The government delegation also meet with EU diplomats based in Nairobi , Kenya.

  1. Mette Knudsen, Ambassador, denmark
  2. Kira Smith, deputy head of mission, Denmark
  3. Tijmen rooseboom, Aeputy ambassador, Netherlands
  4. Anne marinussen, Deputy ambassador to Somalia, Netherlands
  5. Pauline seen, Head of Economic Humanitarian section, DFID
  6. Angus Miller, Adviser, DFID.


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